Mittry Lake, AZ

We have been in the Yuma, AZ area for about a week now, and it couldn’t be more different from the California that we’ve gotten used to.  The main difference?  With all the snowbirds down here, the average age of the population is about 105, and it’s kind of like being in a town-sized nursing home.

California drivers will flick you off and run you down if you’re not doing at least 10 miles over the speed limit.  Here, every day is “out for a Sunday drive” sort of day.  California drivers honk before the light even turns green.  Here, we’ve watched people sit at the traffic lights for like, 10 seconds, without a peep from the cars behind them.  Even the flow at the grocery store was strange.  Everyone in California is multi-tasking, talking on their cell, and yelling at their ignored children while clipping you in the heels with their cart.  And in Yuma, the residents leave their walkers at home, and just use a grocery cart instead.  Not but 10 miles over the border and we are in another land entirely!

Well, when in Rome…we joined the slack-jawed yokels, and didn’t do that much at all for the last week.  We spent a lot of time at home, just reading, or taking walks, or hanging out with Dave and Max.

Mittry Lake

Mittry Lake homestead and the bane of our existence: mountains to the west that shade our solar panel!

We found a deserted looking parking lot in Yuma that actually housed about 20 semi-permanent food stands, and had excellent tacos.

Outside looks like nothing…

…and inside is where the magic happens!

We explored the land around the lake and found the Colorado River, much diminished by that point, and a bridge that was built in 1907, with very interesting decorations.

Our friend who grew up here told us that you can walk across the Colorado in Yuma. Now we believe it!

When this bridge was built, it was decorated with a traditional Navajo design that originally meant “auspiciousness”.

Mostly, we enjoyed our view of the lake and the big sky above it.

Campsite view


It was probably good to have such a quiet week, because next we are headed to Quartzsite, or “Burning Man for RVers”.  It is a huge convergence in a little town that normally has a population of about 4000.  In the winter, it hosts all kinds of shows that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors.  For introverts like us, it’s a major plus to recharge our batteries before heading towards so much excitement!



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