Anza-Borrego State Park

We planned to move to Anza-Borrego State Park this past Monday, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.  (Actually, do you know the next part of that sentence?  It’s “gang aft agley”, which is the Scottish way of saying “go all to hell!”) I woke up late Sunday night violently ill with Montezuma’s Revenge.  It was not as miserable as the time I got sick on a work retreat while sharing a hotel room with my brand new boss, but it was close.  There’s not really a lot privacy in the RV, so when one person is up all night being sick, everybody is up all night.  We begged the RV park to extend their 7 night limit on stays so that I could recuperate the next day.  Then, when we woke up Tuesday, JJ was feeling lousy, but more flu-like.  I’m guessing that we pissed off some gypsies, and they cursed us with “a plague on your house!”  We were able to move on Tuesday, but JJ had to stay in bed for a couple days straight, and still has a cough and fatigue.

We had a short move from Aguanga, CA to Borrego Springs, CA.  We will be boondocking with Dave and Max for the next month, and they wanted to show us some of their favorite places.  Anza-Borrego State Park is huge, with so much to do.  We are camping in a large free area just east of town, on a wide open desert.

While trying to find a good spot on the way in, Dave made a hard turn in what turned out to be some very soft sand.  His back tires quickly started to dig a hole to China, and things looked bad.  He tried all sorts of different tactics, but he just couldn’t get the traction he needed.  Just about the time that Max was about to throw up her hands, a Jeeper appeared with a winch on the front of his bumper and asked if we could use some help.  He had Dave pulled free in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail!

Good thing there’s no audio here, because Max was saying some very naughty words!


Yes, that little Jeep was all that was needed to move that huge fifth wheel!

We’ve been out and about almost every day, and we have only seen a few areas of the park. There’s marvelous hiking, Jeeping, and exploring to do, and all the scenery is wonderful.  A couple days ago, friends of Dave and Max’s arrived, and we’ve been all over with Dave and Diane.

Borrego Badlands from Font’s Point

We took a driving tour of a huge art installation all around the outskirts of Borrego Springs, a menagerie of statues ranging from the prehistoric to the imaginary.

We went to a cultural area of the park and hiked to petroglyphs and the ruins of a house from some people who lived there in the 1930s.

Even found some remnants from the precipitation we got last week!

Cholla cactus in the snow. I love how it captures late day light.

We did some serious Jeeping over very rough roads and hiked in a slot canyon.

It was kind of narrow in spots!

The whole crew: JJ, Max, Dave, Diane, Dave

And mostly, we’ve just relaxed.  We’ve gone to bed early, gotten up when we felt like it, taken walks, and sat by fires. Tomorrow (if the gypsy curse has lifted and the fates smile on us) we are on our way to Mittry Lake, just north of Yuma, AZ.



One thought on “Anza-Borrego State Park

  1. So sorry to hear about your rough few days, but looks like your all having a great time now. Buddy and I are hoping to get over to Anza-Borrego State Park this Spring. Looks like there is so much to see. Thank you for your lovely note card which we just received. You guys are welcome any time. Safe & fun travels!!! Buddy & Judy

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