Happy holiday of your choice! (Or not!)

As I’ve mentioned before, I am so glad that I no longer work in customer service this time of year.  It was an absolute minefield to navigate the choppy waters of end-of-the-year holiday options.  People got mad if you said “Merry Christmas”, people got mad if you said “Happy Holidays”, and people got mad if you didn’t say one or the other at all.  I just learned to repeat back whatever the customer said, and with gusto.  “Happy thingy I’ve never heard of?! Right back at ya, sir!”  But this is my blog, so: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah, Blessed Solstice, Happy Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, and also Happy Do Nothing If You Dig It Day, too!

We went into LA on Monday for some body work on the RV, and we were so pleased when it cost less and took less time that we anticipated.  We immediately headed south, out of the madness that is a major metropolitan area right before Christmas.  We are currently holed up at Jojoba Hills Escapees Park in Aguanga, CA.  Our friends Dave and Max live here during the winters, and all the amenities are open to other Escapees Club members with overnight stays.  For $5 a night, we are staying in a dry camping area with bathrooms, showers, and a laundry.  (And outdoor lines to hang our clothes out to dry!)  The resort also has a heated pool, sauna, hot tub, tennis courts, a workout room and also crazy things like an air gun range.  We could be running around like crazy, but we mostly spent yesterday like this:

Not a bad view for $5 a night!

I’ve been laughing over what seems like a real incongruity to me: Christmas decorations that I equate with cold, just lounging about in the sun and warm weather.

Frankly, I think all Christmas wreaths should have this kind of view!

I’m no expert, but this seems like a lousy sledding hill!

The park has an apartment that members can reserve, and Max is going to use the kitchen (and full size oven) to make a turkey.  We’re making a favorite family dish of JJ’s, corn pudding, and trying out a new recipe for cranberry salsa.  It’s going to be strange to have my first ever Christmas away from home!

We plan to be here through Monday, when we’ll start out on a boondocking adventure across southern California and Arizona.  And although we should continue to have clear, sunny days, the temperatures are going to change drastically.  The whole Southwest will be cooling down starting tomorrow, and we will probably only see highs in the 50s for a couple weeks.  As long as there’s sun, we can open all the blinds and pretty much stay warm with that method.  I can deal with cooler temperatures as long as it’s not a string of unending cloudy days.

Besides doing plenty of holiday eating, we might go off on a few day trips before we take off next week, or we might just try to set the record for most time spent in the hot tub.  Merry Christmas!


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