Hello 4 months of vacation!

We made it!  Our last week of work with Amazon was pretty quiet, with much of the work for the Inbound Department radically slowing down.  (On the other hand, it’s a terrible time to be a Picker, or a Packer.  They’re working mandatory 12 hour days.)  As of last week, we learned that we were eligible for 5 hours of paid time off.  We decided to use it to make our last day, Friday, a short one.

A few hours after our shift was over, we were on the road, heading south.  We took 95 through Nevada, stopping in the tiny town of Luning, NV.  We were back on the road early the next day.  We had to cross over the White Mountains, which true to form, were snow covered.  Luckily, the roads were clear, and we had no troubles making good time.

Jonathan and Boundary Peak, the highest point in NV.

Walker Lake, NV

We left the snow behind as we came down into the Owens Valley, and entered California.  We continued to our friend’s house directly north of L.A., in Llano, CA.  Buddy and Judy live in the Antelope valley, with the lovely San Gabriel mountains nearby.  Their house has a wide, firm-packed dead end road right behind it, perfect for our RV.  Being with them is like being at our own private resort.  They’ve made us meals, hooked up our electric, and opened up their house for us to use the shower and laundry.  They’ve taken us in as surrogate kids, and being here is the next best thing to being at our own parent’s house.

A *very* exclusive campsite!

Good sunrises, too!

Today we went to Charlie Brown Farms, a farm market/lunch counter/tchotcke shop nearby.  Out of all the goodies, we chose some super cheap Honeycrisp apples and the regional specialty–a date shake.

Jonathan and Buddy

We did some housekeeping, and Buddy and Judy are making another nice dinner tonight.  And that’s about it for the day.  We are wiped out from our 2 months of hard labor, and just enjoyed lazing about for much of the day. (Plus, it’s so very nice to have such warm weather–who wants to do work when you can lie in the sunshine!?) We will head into L.A. at the crack of dawn tomorrow to visit the Mothership, the birthplace of our RV.  She needs a bit of bodywork done, and this is the perfect time to do it.  After that, we go another hour south to Aguanga, to visit with Dave and Max for Christmas.

JJ and I were talking about it, and this is probably the first time since we were small kids that we’ve had so much time off all at once.  We go back to work at the beginning of May, we we can literally do anything we want until then.  It’s a strange but exhilarating feeling.  First, we need to get rested up, so that we want to do something other than sleep!


3 thoughts on “Hello 4 months of vacation!

  1. If you like those date shakes, wait until you get to the Yuma area this winter. It’s the date capital of the US. And you’re both too young to be whining about being tired from work! 🙂

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