The updates keep coming!

Oy!  We are busy little beavers during our last 2 weeks before we head off on “vacation”.  We even have an outing planned for our next day off, so I wanted to put out an update now in case we got too busy later.

We had a great time on our last day off with our new friends, Ariel and Eli.  They invited us to be their guests at the rock climbing gym in Reno where they are members.  My foot is not up to such strenuous activities just yet, but Jonathan had a great time, seeing as how he *is* part monkey.

Eli at the top

Ariel belaying Jonathan. He made one run all the way to the top without falling!

Climbing shoes

On Monday, I saw my brothers, one from Ohio, and the other from Las Vegas, who were out this way on a geocaching adventure.  Their idea of fun is the relentless pursuit of caches; I think they bagged something like 1000 in a day.  I’m not sure that they had time to see any of the countyside that they were driving through, but they sure had a good time.  If you want to know how tired we are, here’s your answer: after dinner, they asked if we’d like to go out for ice cream, and we said…no.  We wanted to get home and go to bed!

And finally, the big reveal about our job for next summer!  As we were driving up 395 in October, we stopped at a charming resort high up in the eastern Sierras.  Your might remember our epic mealtime (comprised primarily of pie):

While we were there, an employee asked where we were from, and learned our nomadic story.  She asked whether we had a job lined up for the summer, and when we said no, she recommended that we talk with the owner.  As in, right that very minute!  So, as we gorged ourselves on delicious pies, we talked with Amy, the daughter of the folks who have owned the place since 1979.  We really liked her, and we liked the old-time atmosphere of the resort.  It felt very much like a classic mountain retreat of the 1950’s, with a small lunch counter, general store, and quaint cottages for rent.  We exchanged info with Amy, and made sure that she soon got our resumes in her inbox.  We were so excited when our references told us that they had gotten calls from her last week, and even more excited to see a job offer from her!

I so fell in love with the Sierras as we went through, and 2 weeks was hardly enough time to even scratch the surface.  It’s the perfect place to spend a summer, with a million outdoor adventures to be had!  We will work from May to October, so we will have plenty of time to see everything we missed before.

We only have 7 days of work to go before we get to set out on new adventures!



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