Fitting it all in, Amazon-style

It was such an action-packed week, I hardly know where to begin!  We just might be smooshing in all the things we want to do before we leave…..because we finally got our end date with Amazon!  Our last day will be Friday, 12/19, which means only 10 more days of work.  In past years, Amazon has extended employment for some campers who want to stay on for another month or two, and we considered the option.  However, the building we are working in is closing, (and relocating to Reno) so this year, there’s one firm end date for all the seasonal help.  We are more than ready for several months of vacationing, but at the same time, we’re really starting to enjoy some strong friendships of folks we just met.

We had a super social week enjoying the company of all our new friends.  The highlight was meeting up with a blogger I’ve followed for years, Becky from Interstellar Orchard.  Her blog was one of the first I found after I started dreaming about RV living, and she was a major reason that I decided this could be a viable option for a non-retired couple.  We met up with her and her friend, Julie, at a park in Reno.  They are both working the night shift at Amazon, and living together in Becky’s 17 foot travel trailer.  Kudos to them for still being friends, even through all that!  We explored an accessible playground, and took a walk, despite the spitting rain.  We all spend so much time inside, it’s glorious to be out for a bit, regardless of the weather.

Me, Becky, and JJ. I’m not sure what features made this playground “accessible”, but it was the best one we’ve seen in a long time. None of that molded plastic crap that you can only play on in one way!

Becky, Julie, JJ. This contraption could rotate in either direction. It reminded me of the log-rolling competitions we used to see at the Ohio State Fair!

JJ, Julie, Becky. The snow covered mountains behind them are the Sierras. It always seems to be cloudy up there, and everything breaks up as soon as it clears the peaks.

We also went out for dinner with our crew from our RV park.  We love working with all these guys because they always have lots of energy, jokes, and huge smiles.  I so hope that our travel paths cross again–we really enjoy their company!

Cathy, Leo, Judy and Buddy. Sorry for a blurry picture–I guess my camera was drinking wine, too!

Mary is also our yoga buddy. Twice a week, we get together in the community room of the RV park for stretching. Well, mostly for gabbing, but we do a little exercise, too!

I am thrilled to report that my foot is almost completely healed.  I was seriously worried for a while that I had really messed it up.  For about a week after I injured it, there was no improvement whatsoever.  Last weekend, it finally started to improve.  Being on it for 10 hours a day definitely didn’t help, but the fact that I could regularly ice it at the Amazon’s on-site medical center did.  Saturday was the first time that I didn’t have to ice it all day.  It’s still tender and feels delicate, but I should be back to hiking with no problems this winter.

Our excitement continued with a rock climbing gym outing on Sunday, (pictures to come) and a super fantastic job offer for next summer.  Hint: it’s from a very “sweet” place that we visited on our way up 395 in October.  We have another outing planned this coming weekend (aka our only day off, Saturday) so I will get a post up on Wednesday with the big reveal.


2 thoughts on “Fitting it all in, Amazon-style

  1. Dear Rayn and JJ, I found your blog when Becky posted about your visit. I’ve read your whole story now over a few days, and I’m very impressed! Hope you survive the next 10 days, have a great 4 month vacation, and a super job for next summer! Looking forward to following your travels.

    • You sound just like me! I have a tendency to discover a new blog and then enjoy reading the entire thing all the way back to the beginning. Amazon was an adventure in and of itself, but I’m really looking forward to the sorts of adventures that happen in the gorgeous South West! Glad you like the blog!

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