Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Here’s hoping that everyone had the most turkey-ful (or Tofurkey-ful) day!

We had a very unconventional holiday.  I think this was the first time I’ve ever worked on Thanskgiving, or been away from family activities.  We only worked a partial shift at Amazon, from 6am-noon, and then headed across town to the other RV park in Fernley.  Our hosts were Ariel and Eli, young campers that we recently met working at Amazon.

Eli cranked out an astonishing amount of Thanksgiving favorites.  Even more impressive, he did it all with an oven that can only fit one 13×9 pan at a time!  He smoked turkey over fragrant wood chips on a charcoal barbeque, and also made stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green bean casserole.  We brought cranberries and dessert…yes, ice cream!

While we’ve enjoyed all the new friends we’ve made in the past 6 weeks, it was particularly nice to hang out with folks our own age.  If you think people who live full-time in RVs are rare, full-timers under 40 are even harder to find.  Ariel and Eli have been mobile living for about 2 years, and it was fascinating to hear their stories.  They are passionate rock climbers, and they only work enough to fund more bouldering adventures.  They are extremely frugal, and their 2 months of work at Amazon fuel the next 10 months of travel.  In out culture, it’s easy to find people who can help you spend more of your money, but hard to find those who inspire you to creatively conserve.  They really got us thinking, and it’s exciting to envision a life with even more play and less work.

I’m sorry to report that my foot situation is not so great.  As far as I can guess, I strained or partially tore a ligament that connects my long foot bone to my second toe.  The treatment protocol is several weeks of rest, ice and elevation.  The Amazon on-site medical center has me coming in every hour to sit down and ice my foot for 20 minutes.  Things are definitely getting better—swelling is way down, decreased pain, increased range of motion; but I still have a pretty severe limp, especially towards the end of the day.  I once did something similar to my right thumb, and I remember that the healing process seemed to take FOREVER.  Ligaments are like the cranky old men of the body–stodgy and slow to heal after you do them a disservice.  And it doesn’t help when it’s a body part that you continue to use every day.  (Ariel is dealing with something similar in her glute.  I can just hear my dad’s proclamation: “See?!  At least you’re not a sore ass!”)

I recently came across a blog detailing the daily exploits of some people working at the same Amazon we are.  If you’re interested in the minutia of life at Amazon, you might enjoy whatsnewell.blogspot.com.

Yet again, no pictures this week, so here’s some from the vault.  Please enjoy this series from our visit to the ghost town of Bodie, CA.



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