National Bad Picture Week

Completely inadvertently, I am participating in what I am dubbing “National Bad Picture Week”.  I had every intention of taking some decent pictures for my good readers, and I failed at every chance.  (And I’m not sure what is worse: taking lousy pictures or taking none at all.  I specifically charged JJ with reminding me to snap a few shots of our outing yesterday.  Fail all around!  Next time I will put Soupy in charge of that department!)

First, the updates about last week’s situations:  My cold is way better, and I did not get a sinus infection!  The issue with the health insurance who says we didn’t pay….going nowhere.  I’m not sure why it takes so long to read a faxed bank statement that clearly shows the payment, but I guess the fine folks at Med Mutual require up to 14 business days to deal with such a task.  And health insurance?  I made a classic blunder: I looked at the plans before the first day to sign up for 2015, which means I was perusing 2014 offerings.  And let me tell you, all the plans offer less and cost more in 2015, so it’s back to the drawing board to make a decision.  (There is a really cool RVer health insurance guru who will make suggestions based on your circumstances.  I plan to talk with this guy to try to get the most bang for our buck.)

We had a very social week, going out twice, yes, twice with co-workers from Amazon.  On Tuesday, we  went out to the Black Bear Diner in Fernley with Tammy.  I completely forgot to get a picture of her, but I did capture JJ with the obscenely large burger that he completely devoured:

We are on the Amazon diet. But, instead of cutting down on what you eat, you have to eat triple your normal amount. It’s not for sissies!

Tammy lived in her large cargo van for 2 years before moving up to her “mansion”, a 22  foot travel trailer.  She’s done camphosting for the same company we worked for this summer, so we compared war stories.  She also has visited a lot of the places we plan to go this winter, and had lots of good advice for us.

Yesterday, we met 3 other couples in Reno at the Great Basin Brewing Company for lunch.  We all work the same shift at Amazon, so we had lots of “constructive critique” discussion.  The coolest part was hearing all the adventure stories from their years of travel.  One couple hiked 200 miles on the John Muir Trail in the Sierras.  Another worked in Yellowstone this summer.  Someone else had tales of sky diving and hang gliding.  Did I remember to take one single picture of these folks?  Nope!

Here’s the second lousy picture for you: the view from the grocery store parking lot, looking towards Lake Tahoe. Looks cold!

I’m sorry to report that I had a work-related injury.  How did that happen?  It’s not very dramatic, but here’s the story. Coke has re-released a soda from the 90s called “Surge”.  (Or “Scourge” as we called it.)  Amazon is the only place to buy it for now.  It came in all wrapped up on huge pallets and I was asked to work as part of a big team on the line to repackage it for distribution.  We made boxes, put the soda in, added bubble padding, taped the box, and stacked it onto new pallets for storage.  The first day, I put the soda into the boxes.  If you follow me on Facebook, that was the day that I racked up 27,000 steps, just in the 10 feet between the pallet of soda and the conveyor belt.

The next day, I put the barcodes on the pre-constructed boxes that were on pallets.  The first couple rows were a good height, but for the last 4 rows, I had to crouch down.  I spent hours that day squatting on the balls of my feet….a move I do all the time.  The next day, I hurt a little, and the day after that, I was limping and ended up crying and going to Amcare, the in-house medical center.  The ball of my foot and my toes were swollen and I had bruising along the tops of my toes.  It felt like there was an angry golf ball right behind my toes on the bottom of my foot.

The friendly medics came to the same conclusion I did: it’s not so great for your feet to ramp up your walking by over 10,000 steps above normal, and then spend hours on the balls of your feet the next day.  Certain positions are fine if you do them for 5 minutes, but not if you do them for 5 hours a day.  I was ordered to come into Amcare every hour for 20 minutes of icing.  It’s feeling better, but I’m still limping a bit.  Depending on how it feels tomorrow, I may continue the icing throughout the day.  I have the feeling that if I could be off it for about 4-5 days, it would completely resolve on its own.  I’m just glad it was work-related, so that I can get free care for it.

Many people recommended food therapy for my foot. I think this helped. And note that yes, the lighting in this picture is rough, but we are indeed as tired as the circles under my eyes suggest.

We had a phone job interview this week with Portland General Electric.  They run campgrounds near their hydroelectic dams, and hire camp hosts for the summer.  We’re not quite sure if we will take it if it’s offered.  The pros: incredible pay rate, beautiful area we’ve never been, and phone and internet service from the campground.  The cons: grocery stores at least 45 miles away, only water and sewer, no electric, and rain.  There’s no such thing as a perfect job, and it can be tough to weight the unique variables of each possible location.  I guess we only have to worry about it if they offer us the job!

The best thing right now is that the weather is holding beautifully.  It’s been at least in the 40s every day, with 50s predicted for the next 10 days.  Last year was super cold and snowy, and it looks like we might not have to put with much of that!

Because it’s Sunday, it’s almost time for yoga with Mary.  Stay warm!



4 thoughts on “National Bad Picture Week

  1. Oh, I really hope you get a chance to work in and explore Oregon! Would you be up in the Gorge area? For what it’s worth, it hardly rains at all in Oregon during the summer time – it gets very hot and dry, especially if you are east of the mountains.

    • The campground that we would be working at is at Lake Timothy, which is east of Portland, near Rhododendron. It looks like a beautiful area with a lot of outdoor recreation opportunities!

      • Well the Mt. Hood area is gorgeous and I think you’d have a lot of fun, but no electricity would make it more of an adventure. I wish you luck, and also hope that your feet are feeling better!

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