California runaround!

The bad news: we had to travel 5 hours one way to go for a drug test for Amazon.  Good news: our route took us through Yosemite!

Thank you fuel efficient car! 6 gallons got us 275 miles!

As we were headed north on Monday to our next home base in Bishop, CA, it was getting hotter and hotter.  I was thinking about poor little Soupy being alone in the RV the whole day while we drove to our drug test.  We had planned to do all boondocking and cheap BLM campgrounds, but I wanted peace of mind for her. I asked Jonathan if we should find hookups for the night, and he said that he had been thinking exactly the same thing.  Hence, we found ourselves at the Tri-County Fairgrounds for 2 nights.  All in all, not a bad place, and Soupy didn’t burn up.

Ugly space, but all to ourselves.

Tuesday morning, we got up early and got on the road at 7.  We drove north on 395, and checked out a few places that we might like to stay later in our trip.  And so glad we did!  We planned to park in free BLM land, but when we looked into it, both possible places were a resounding “no!”.  There is a blogger that I follow, and usually, her recommendations are spot-on, but we hated the 2 areas she liked around here.  We scouted out a $5/night primitive campground, and found it much more to our liking.

But back to the story, and onward to the drug test!  We turned west to go across Tioga Pass, which winds through Yosemite.  The fall colors are just starting, and it was all lovely.

The only problem with the route is that it was SLOW.  It’s all mountainous, windy switchbacks.  Most of the time, our top speed was about 45.  I’m glad we drove through, but it was not the fastest route.

Quick stop for a classic shot

We finally made it to Fresno, CA, and found the testing lab.  A quick sample in a cup, and we were back on the road.  Our next objective was food….food we hadn’t been able to get all summer.


Japanese mochi–sweet confections of delicate rice flour, filled with fruit or bean paste. Or ice cream. We got 2 of those, too!

And after only about 2 hours in Fresno, it was time to get back to the kitty!  We returned on the southerly route, which was almost 100 miles longer, but promised to be much shorter because it’s all straight freeways.  600 miles was way too much for one day, and we were serious cranky-pants by the time we got home at 10pm.  Soupy was upset that we had been gone so long, but the A/C kept the RV at a pleasant temperature for her.

Yesterday we had a much needed rest day.  We grocery shopped, and took our time leaving the fairgrounds.  In the afternoon, we relocated to a BLM campground just northwest of Bishop, in the Round Valley.  The campground is a long string of sites that follow the Horton Creek.  And because it butts up against the Sierras, the first part of the campground is way lower than the rest of it.  We decided on a site almost at the very end, at the highest possible point.  It feels private and quiet.

Great place to watch the sky!

We’re looking forward to a couple weeks with no obligations or places we have to be at a certain time.  There’s a ton to do in this area, and we can’t wait to explore!




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