Fun with Dave and Max!

We had a great couple of days visiting with our friends Dave and Max.  Monday, we went jeeping in the mountains above the campgrounds they manage. They day was just warm enough to be in the back of the jeep with the top off.  As usual, the sky was gorgeously blue.

You would think something as large as a campground would be easy to find as you look down at it from a mountaintop. Nope, we needed the binoculars to find it!

Up a Forest Service road past one remote campground, there is a little cabin and matching outhouse.

This could be Dave and Max’s Christmas card photo!

Hikers visit the cabin to rest and sleep, and they leave food and bottled water for each other.  There was a note inside, explaining that it was privately owned, and to please leave it as well as you find it.

I guess this pantry would look pretty good if you were a starving hiker!

If I stayed here, I think I would prefer to sleep outside!

The 2-holer outhouse!

Oddly, the cabin did not have a window in this direction.

We went back to the location of one of our first epic meals together, and enjoyed cheese fries all around at Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace.  And that trip just would not be complete without a side trip to Palm Springs for the incomparable Lappert’s Ice Cream (and Donkey Balls!)

The next day we went halfway “down the hill”, to Forest Falls, to hike Big Fall Trail.  (You may remember the town of Forest Falls as the one with a mudslide a few months back, that was cut off from civilization until a new bridge could be put in.)  The trail started in a dry river bed with beautiful rock formations and colors.

We came to the base of the waterfall.

And then we hiked a couple hundred feet up to follow the river back to its source.

We think this must come from a spring, because it has been so incredibly dry lately that there’s no water anywhere!

And then we went to Dairy Queen for enormous blizzards, followed by Max’s scrumptious homemade tacos.

This morning, we said an early goodbye to Dave and Max.  We are so going to miss them!  These are folks who will always be close with us, even if we’re far away from them.  We are looking forward to December, when we will visit them in Southern CA for the holidays.!

We came down to Beaumont RV to have an oil change and general checkup.  The downside is that the technicians found a couple issues, and the parts won’t come in until tomorrow.  The good news is that we get to stay in the RV lot for free, with electric hookups.  We hope to be on the road tomorrow, headed north up 395.  The temperature swings in the last 24 hours have been extreme!  We were in the 30s up in the mountains this morning, and it’s so hot down on the desert floor that we will need our A/C on tonight!

We did make the most of the waiting, and checked out a nearby produce stand.  I have been seeing lots of prickly pear cactus with fruit on it, and I was intrigued to see that it’s edible.  When I saw prickly pear jelly at the farm stand, I had to get it!

Prickly pear cactus fruit

I really hope that my next post comes to you very soon, from the stunning Eastern Sierras, and the cute little town of Lone Pine, CA!


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