Happy Fall!

There is a distinct chill in the air that we have not felt since May.  It’s usually in the mid-30s when we wake up, and Soupy is snuggled in close with us.  (See, you don’t need a thermometer: if the cat is stuck to us, it’s below 40!)  All the deciduous trees are changed, and the pine trees are starting to shed their old needles.  There is a brisk wind most days that makes you quite cool if you’re sitting in the shade.  We’re starting to see songbirds that we didn’t see before–they must be stopping by as they head south to warmer climates.

We’ve really been enjoying snuggling at night and reading our thrift-store-found paperback books. I read Little House on the Prairie for the first time and I’m currently working my way through The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan. Paperback books only cost 10 cents at the thrift store and it’s nice to know that there’s no due date on them. I really miss having a regular library to go to, but we would have to pay $25 for a library card here, and we wouldn’t be able to go very regularly. We have found some real treasures through the thrift store book area, but we also had to dig through an awful lot of atrocious 80s junk!

We spent most of the weekend finishing up chores before we leave for the repositioning cruise.  We finished waxing the RV, and she looks great!  Many parks have a 10 or 12 year cut-off for the age of RVs that they allow in their campground.  Could anyone ever look at our “Sweet Pea” and ever guess that she’s 12 years old?  Not with this great looking skin:

Like a mirror!

We also sanitized our fresh water tank, which was a very tedious task.  It involves putting a bleach solution in, then flushing the whole system several times.  The good news is that our tank is squeeky clean….the bad news is that we smell vaguely like a swimming pool for a while.

We also went to our last farm market.  We loaded up on veggies from our favorite farmers, and said goodbye to them. We found out that a market is starting up in Palm Desert next Wednesday (when we will be in the area for RV repairs), so we might get one more round in yet!  There aren’t many farm markets this time of year up the eastern Sierras, so we will just have to get our fill now!

It’s almost time to say goodbye, so we had a cookout for our co-workers from the surrounding campgrounds.  Drinks were thoughtfully provided by camper, who dropped off beer, Gatorade, and soda as a thank you to all the staff. We all had a great time laughing, talking, and eating lots of Doritos and candy corn!

Three more days to go and then it’s vacation time!


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