Getting ready to move

Amazon got in touch with us again, and asked if we would like to start a week earlier, on 10/21, rather than 10/28.  They pay enough that every week there is a lot of money, so we said heck yes!  We talked things over with the site manager here at the campground, and decided that our last day will be Saturday, 9/27–the last day of a pay period.  We plan to leave as soon as possible after that.  Our first stop will be a couple days visiting Dave and Max at the campground they manage, Barton Flats.  From there, we are headed to the outskirts of L.A. to have our RV serviced with preventative maintenance.  After that is when the real fun begins!

This is the first time that we will actually be doing the full-time RV thing.  What I mean is, we will be able to go where we want, when we want, and move on as we please.  The trip out here didn’t really count, because we had everything planned to the minute.  We had so much ground to cover in such a short time that I couldn’t leave anything to chance–we knew every overnight stop, and the exact few places where we would spend a day or two, and we had no time to deviate.  I know the route we want to take next month, and when we need to be in Fernley, NV, but nothing else is set.  We might get to the first place and love it so much that we stay there the whole time.  It’s exciting to have that kind of freedom, but also a little stressful to a planner like me.  I have done a lot of research, so I have plans about where we can stay, and what we can do, but it’s so odd to not know what we’ll be up to!

We are going to be boondocking the whole way up.  Boondocking, or dispersed camping, is camping without any hookups.  There is tons of federally owned land out west that allows free camping, and we intend to take full advantage of remote locations.  But, it requires a completely different mindset.  Right now, we pretty much live like we did at home, with electricity on demand, and all the water we want, and a sewer connection for dumping our tanks.  When we’re boondocking, we will visit a dump station to empty our tanks and take on fresh water, and then we’ll need to be very conservative to make those 50 gallons of water last as long as possible.  No matter how much we like a camp, we will need to move at least every week to take care of our tanks.  With our solar panels, we can run everything except for the microwave, A/C, or appliances like the vacuum.  And with the generator on, we can use anything, but we also burn gas in the process.  My dad likes to liken RV ownership to being the mayor of a small town: you’re responsible for all the utilities that folks in houses take for granted.

We didn’t have a very exciting weekend, because we need to get ready to go on the road.  Yesterday we washed and waxed the RV.  She looks fantastic!  We went to the local thrift store and donated items we weren’t using.  While there, we spent a whopping .40 cents on paperback novels.  (I’m reading Little House on the Prairie, which I’ve never read before.  Those were some tough people.)  And we went down to the water, and just enjoyed the quiet and warm golden colors.

If this is a dandelion, it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen!

There may also have been a bathtub full of tater tots at one point this weekend. Tater tots make everything better!

I’ve been meaning to write a review and critique of this camp hosting gig, but at the moment, I’m a bit fed up with everything.  I’m going to wait until I have some distance from the situation (and situation=toilets) before I write about it.  There are definitely some very good points to it, but it’s hard to see them at the moment.  We are like little kids are Christmas, with this last week and a half taking FOREVER to go by!

I know this blog has been a bit dry for a few weeks, but you should just hang in there, too….we should have some really interesting episodes coming up pretty soon!


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