The end is near!

First, the most important news: we have an official start date with Amazon!  We were really getting worried as people on Facebook lamented their fates with the shipping giant, saying that they were getting start dates of weeks or even months later than expected.  We were starting to kick around the idea of looking for resort work in the desert southwest, when the good news email came in–we start October 28, only 2 weeks later than we expected.  Since we’re working at the campground 2 weeks longer, it’s a wash for us, money-wise.  We will still have a month off between gigs to enjoy the fall colors of the rugged eastern Sierras as we relocate.  I’ve been in super planning mode, which I love.  I have so many places I want to see, but I have to remember that part of this time should be for recovering from one fast paced job before we start another.

Our campground is now a weekend only place.  All summer, we were full 7 days a week.  As of the Tuesday after Labor Day, we are mostly empty on the weekdays, and only full from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning.  Plumbing problems still seem to fall mainly on the busiest time of the week, as if we needed more to worry about those days.

When Susan discovers a burst pipe, does she wait for the plumbers to arrive and dig down to it? Heck no! She had half their work done for them before they even arrived!

On Sunday, the company held a thank-you event for all the summer staff on the mountain.  We feasted on Pollo Loco (like a snazzy, Southwestern KFC), enjoyed the world’s largest cake, and were gifted with CLM coffee mugs filled with candy.  We were all a bit buzzed after that one!

This cake was a good 2 feet across!

The fall season is beginning, and we’re starting to see colors changing.  Deciduous trees already have deep reds in them, and everything else is taking on a different hue, too.

We call this cotton candy, but I think it’s a type of fern.

After nothing but fun last weekend with my sister, we had lots of chores to catch up on today.  We applied for 6 different campgrounds that are managed by CLM, in Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado.  Our main objective is a site with internet and cell phone reception, and a water and sewer line for the RV.  Electric hookups would be fantastic, but we could overlook it for the right, fabulous place.  Hopefully, we will have a job offer in place before the end of the month and next summer will be settled.

While we were running errands today, we finally stopped at a tiny park in Fawnskin, just west of us.  It’s a quirky little place, with a very odd assortment of tchotchkes.  Not quite sure what the theme is here, but we liked looking at everything.  It’s the kind of place that’s just lovely until after dark, when everything comes alive and eats you.

We were going to stay, but there wasn’t a pool.

Exercise stations! (Really lame-o ones, though.)

“Arrrgh! Don’t poop in the showers, you scallywags!”

This guy looks too soused to swing!

There was a 9/11 memorial set up right next to the giant stuffed bear, “Barney”. Interesting placement on both counts.

Please note: this park is available for rent for weddings or corporate events. (I can’t believe one bride in history has made that choice!)

And, in the midst of all our errands, I demanded lunch.  We went to a walk up food stand, Virginia Lee’s, for tamales and shakes. Here is proof that our food photography is not always perfect the first time.

Don’t drop the tamales!

Caught it!

And redo!

I know that the end of this job is right around the corner, and we’ve practically made it at this point.  It’s crazy how just a couple weeks can move so slow!


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