Contacts and chocolate

We took another excursion to Palm Springs today.  I needed to get an eye exam and my contact prescription refilled, so I decided to try out the independent optometrist at Costco.  And hey, while we’re in civilization, we might as well do some shopping and eating, right?!

First stop was Target.  Jeans for me and swim trunks for JJ.  (Dave and Max have invited us to spend the holidays with them at their RV park home base in Temecula, CA.  The park has a lovely pool, but JJ did not have a bathing suit.  Dave and Max said it’s not that kind of place, so we needed to get coverage for him!)  I have been working with just one pair of pants that are not athletic wear.  That was fine for bumming around on our days off, but I need something better for our Amazon gig.  We had complete success!  I found 3 pairs that fit pretty darn well, and he is the proud owner of a cute pair of board shorts.  Giddy with initial success, we forged onwards.

Trader Joes was next, and oh how I love that place!  They have so many staples for so darn cheap.  We loaded up on pantry items, some fun food, and lots and lots of chocolate, which is a major food group for us.

Then it was lunch time.  In-n-Out Burger!  Super yummy!  We got burger made “animal style”–all the trimmings, and wrapped in lettuce leaves.  The fries were the skinny kind, which aren’t my favorite, but the burgers were grade A-1!  I was especially amazed with how cheap everything is.  Great chain!

The hat definitely made it taste even better!

Sorry–hat did not fit over ponytail.

We had a great time perusing a Natural Food Market.  This place had super wack-a-doo stuff, like quart bottles of juices (“superfoods”) retailing for $50.  I got some gluten free noodles that we can’t get on the mountain and just chuckled at the rest.

Then, it was time for the main event–Costco optometrist.  Verdict about the whole experience: mixed.  It was cheap and fast, but then again, it felt cheap and fast.  My old optometrist would spend about 30 minutes with me, making sure my prescription was as perfect as it could be. This guy had new patients every 15 minutes, and clearly needed to hurry.  I ended up with a verdict of just a slightly different prescription.  He gave me a pair of contacts to try out, a new and improved version of what I wear now.  So glad I tried them out first, because I hated them!  Normally, I go the whole month without touching my contacts even once, and I don’t notice them.  These new suckers were scratchy and obtrusive.  I pulled them out and put my old ones back in.

I thought I would be taking a year’s supply home with me today, so I paid for all the boxes.  Then, the nice lady at the counter said “We’ll call you when they’re in.”  Wait, now, I have to come back?!  (Note that this contradicts what they said when I called and asked before I set up my appointment.)  I explained that we live 2 hours away, and I would need to order them online though a delivery company.  I hopped on my phone, and started looking at prices.  The total Costco price was $170 cheaper than what I could get online.  Well, dang, that’s worth driving 2 hours in each direction to get them in a week or two!  I sheepishly went back to the counter to order through Costco. Then we had an even better idea.  We plan to get our RV some routine maintenance when we leave this job, and the city we’ll be in is only about 35 miles from that Costco.  Easy jaunt for a pick up!

Last stop: Lappert’s Ice Cream, where avocado is out of season (???!!!!), but I had date/caramel, and coconut.  Dreamy.

I know I complained about it before, but dang if Palm Springs isn’t hotter than Hades.  It was 40 degrees when we woke up in Big Bear this morning, and 107 by early afternoon down in the desert.  It felt so good to come back up the mountain into the crisp air.  I love living in a place where we snuggle under blankets every single night. We might be doing even more snuggling soon–the deciduous trees around here are all starting to show little hints of colors, and fall is not far away.

We had quite the excitement in the campground this past weekend.  On our last rounds through the bathrooms, we noticed that the toilets were flushing a bit…anemically.  We first thought the problem was just at one bathhouse, and then maybe the whole campground.  Actually, the pump that supplies this whole area failed, and we drained a 75,000 gallon tank of water before anyone noticed.  There was nothing that could be done in the dark, so the camp went without water over night.  (Note: lack of water = really, really unhappy campers!)  The Forest Service was on the situation first thing the next morning and got the pump working again, but we had to let the tank fill with water before we could use any.  Port-o-potties were delivered to each bathhouse, and we had the unpleasant task of telling campers that the showers would be out of commission for a day or two.  It was a crazy end to a busy week.

This coming weekend is the last hurrah of camping: Labor Day weekend, or “National Drink Beer and Yell Woo Weekend”.  We expect to be completely full by Thursday, and that folks won’t clear out til Monday, with lots of mayhem inbetween.  Please pray/light a candle/send us good thoughts that we make it through a final test of our patience and stamina.

I’m very excited about next week, because my sister and brother-in-law from Ohio are coming for a visit.  My brother from Las Vegas is planning to come down, too.  We have all kinds of shenanigans planned, like a cookout with Dave and Max, taking the ski lift up the mountain for some ridge line hiking, and maybe even a trip down the luge that you ride on a little sled.  I am especially excited because my sister is renting a condo, and that means several things: laundry that we don’t have to pay for, an oven with enough space to cook several things at once, and a SHOWER that we can stand in for 15 minutes!  And that is about as close to heaven as I can get.



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