Tired but still trucking

My friend and fellow CLM employee, Dave, always plans out his blog posts by going through his pictures to see what he’s done since the last time he wrote.  I tried his method and realized that the only pictures I took since last time were ones I already posted on Facebook!  So, I guess this will be a very wordy post, and you’ll have to just see the pictures in your mind!

Lordy, we are tired.  The new couple working in the campground with us is primarily doing shifts in the kiosk and security at night.  That means that we are doing more on the grounds.  We clean more sites, and take care of more of the bathrooms.  I always wear my pedometer, and I consistently walk about 17000-18000 steps each day.  By about 8pm each night, it’s all I can do to stay awake to check the bathrooms one last time, and then take a shower before bed.  I’ve given up on trying to stay up til 10 in case campers want to buy firewood….we’ve been in bed at 9:30 every night the past week. Only a few weeks til Labor Day!

We did have a bit of fun this “weekend”.  (And BTW, we are now off Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I can’t keep my schedule straight!)  Our leveling jacks were leaking hydraulic fluid, and Dave was confidant that it would be an easy fix.  He looked up the schematics online, got some parts, spent about 30 minutes under the RV, and voila!  Problem remedied!  To thank him, we took him to the restaurant of his choice.  He selected Deep Creek Drive In in Arrowbear, where we enjoyed tacos, enchiladas, tamales, and flan.  (Really good flan, too….who woulda thunk!)

Of course, we can’t go off with Dave and Max without a bit of unplanned adventure!  We took a detour to Green Valley Lake, a very tiny town, and Green Valley Campground, another CLM property.  Guess what we found in town?  Yep, a malt shoppe!  The waitress there was telling us about having a mid-life crisis, quitting her 20 year career as an attorney, and moving to the mountains for a simple life.  She said that she knew she sounded crazy.  We all laughed and told her we were in the exact same boat!  She loved hearing our stories, and gave me a big hug for being a kindred spirit.

As you can see from the sign, it was actually a “Restaupant”.

Malts are better than shakes, I say, but we are a house divided.

Earlier in the season, I had said that we were thinking about coming back to this same area (but a different campground) to work next summer.  Recently, I had to admit the truth about the statement: I only want to come back to Southern California because I’m scared to try something new.  Funny, isn’t it–I sold all my things, got rid of a good job and a house with no problem, but what makes me nervous is the prospect of getting another seasonal job.  I was honest with myself about my fears, and we agreed that we want to move on.  Our whole point of this adventure was to see the U.S., so let’s try someplace else next summer!  We’re going to talk with our regional manager about other campground opportunities in states like Washington and Oregon.  And, if for some reason that doesn’t work out, we would know before the start of 2015, and we would have ample time to put in applications elsewhere.

We’re starting to get excited about our “repositioning cruise”–the several weeks between the end of this job and the start of the next one.  We have told Amazon.com that we could start in Fernley, NV on October 15, and we told this job that we could stay through the end of September.  So, at a minimum, we will have 2 weeks off between gigs, and maybe more–it all depends on the weather and how many reservations are made.  I’ve been investigating things to do on route 395, a lovely route up the side of the Sierras.  There’s so much to do that there’s no way we will do it all, but I’m having so much fun daydreaming about plans.  Possible stops include Yosemite National Park, Devil’s Postpile National Monument, Mammoth Lakes area, Bodie State Park Ghost Town, natural hot springs, Lake Tahoe, and much, much more!  We will probably stay at dispersed camping spots along the way–public lands that allow free camping.  There’s no hookups or amenities, but no reservations, either, and that will give us flexibility to stay longer in one place if we want.  I absolutely love this kind of planning, and it’s a great distraction to daydream about the possibilities!


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