Change in regularly scheduled programming!

My folks visited!  We had a great time this week spending time with them and introducing them to our world.

Mom and Dad left from Johnstown, OH last Friday, and drove to Toledo.  From there, they took a commuter train to Chicago, where they picked up the Southwest Chief.  This Amtrak line goes all the way from Chicago to Los Angelos over the course of about 40 hours.  Well, 40 hours if it runs on time, and much longer if it gets slowed down.  (Several factors put it behind on this run: first, the tracks are owned by commercial train lines, not Amtrak, and they must wait until it’s clear of commercial traffic before they can go, and second, the train had to stop overnight at key bridges and ensure, visually, that they were still there after a couple days of torrential downpours in the Western U.S.)

My folks got into San Bernardino mid-Monday morning and rented a car to drive up the mountain to us.  Mom is a veteran car sleeper, but she said she was too nervous about the steep cliffs whizzing by her to even dream of a snooze!  We met in Fawnskin, 2 miles west of us, at a cafe for lunch.  I assured them that they could find the place.  Fawnskin is so darn small that if you miss something in it, you only need to backtrack through about 1000 feet of “town” to see the whole place over again!

It was so very good to see them!  We were used to getting together with them about once a week or every other week, and it’s been so strange to only talk to them by phone.  They rented an RV from a local outfit, Big Bear RV Rentals, and a trailer was delivered to our pad, so they could live right “next door”.

Our site is so big that we could fit 2 RVs and 2 cars with room to spare!

We had a great 4 days together, and their visit gave us the excuse to do fun “tourist” things that we haven’t done yet.  We drove around most of the lake, and showed them the beautiful Boulder Bay.

We visited the Big Bear History Museum, which was the best $5 museum I’ve ever seen!  It was full of exhibits, memorabilia, and even fun things to do like real gold panning and a working blacksmith.

A real, live historical donkey

We went to the Big Bear Discovery Center, where Mom could get her questions answered by people who actually know something about the nature of the area.  (She was none too happy with our deplorable lack of bird knowledge!)

This animal, I did know: it’s the extremely rare JJaguar!

We also went on lots of walks.  We visited the lake several times and enjoyedwatching people playing with their dogs in the water.  We walked the whole campground. (And dang, is this place big when you’re on foot rather than a golf cart!)  We walked on the bike path through meadows and forests.  And we toured the Woodland Loop, an interpretive path with learning stations.

HIgh morale at the beginning of a hike

And tucked pups at the end!

Of course, we had to get them to try our favorite sport: eating!  We tried out a new-to-us spot, the Broadway Cafe, which was an excellent little diner.  Dad really got into the Rayn and JJ spirit!

We also got to introduce Mom and Dad to our new friends, Dave and Max. It’s always nice to introduce the people you love to the people you love!

I have tons of work updates.  Everything and everyone has been shifted around, due to a camphost illness in another nearby campground.  Our Ohio co-workers, Bob and Julia, moved over to care for that campground.  This means that we have lots more to do.  We’re trying to keep our eyes on the prize: Labor Day.  After that, business slows down considerably and we won’t be running around so much.

There’s plenty of other things to tell yall about, but I made the mistake of trying to finish this blog post during my workweek.  It will have to wait for our next days off!



7 thoughts on “Change in regularly scheduled programming!

  1. I laughed alarmingly hard at the donkey photo caption! Glad you had fun with Grandma and Grandpa. We all miss you guys so much!

    • Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I was awfully tired when I wrote it and was worried that it was too lousy to even put up. Your comment reminds me that people like to see what’s going on even if it’s not the best prose of your life.

  2. Enjoy reading all your posts and seeing your photos. How great that your folks got to go out for a visit. Always thought it would be fun to take the train cross country.

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