Wedding day!

What a lovely day!  I was never the sort to dream of a big to-do sort of wedding, so an extremely small and low key day was perfect.

***Disclaimer on photos: As I have mentioned before, I just don’t take many photos.  And when I do, I tend to take really composed shots, and ignore the spontaneous.  Dave English is responsible for 90% of the photos from our wedding day–he captured the whole event, laughter and tears!

We went down the west side of the mountain to the County Clerk in San Bernardino.  Dave and Max went along as our witnesses and eating compatriots.

First step was to fill out the application for the marriage certificate.  We were supposed to provide our parent’s full birth names, but when you have a last name like Hetterscheidt, you have to do some abbreviating when your dad’s whole name is too dang long to fit in the box!

The waiting area was all high tech: it was like waiting for your flight at the airport.


Just “Jeff”? Maybe that guy was there to apply for a new last name!

Then we filled out lots of paperwork.  California has a neat law that allows either party to take the others last name, or to hyphenate your names together.  We stuck with what we already had, but how awesome would it be to become the 17-letter monstrosity of  “Hetterscheidt-Case”?!


More paperwork, in triplicate!

Dave and Max were our witnesses.

And then it was time to get married!  The chapel was a small, tastefully decorated room, with just enough space for us, the officiant, and our friends.  JJ and I are private people, and I was getting all flustered about declaring undying love in front of someone I didn’t even know!  The officiant said that we should take each others hands, look into each others eyes, and pretend that we were the only two people in the room.  We did, and I started to cry.

It was a short sweet ceremony, and I looked right into JJ’s eyes the whole time.  I forgot that anyone else was even there with us.  Finally, it was time for the kiss!

The bride wore an Ohio bike shirt, and the groom wore Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Then it was party time!  We went to Huicho’s Tacos,

and a la minute Ice Cream Shop.

The liquid ice cream components go into a Kitchen Aid mixer, and then liquid nitrogen is poured in. Instant ice cream!

Dave asked what we wanted to do next, and we decided to go to the beach!  Huntington Beach was cool and calm, with none of the huge waves that make it famous.  It was a wonderful beach, with clean soft sand.  We strolled the pier and people watched.

We headed back through Los Angeles, and stopped for dinner Slater’s 50/50, a burger place known for a “50/50 burger”–half ground beef and half ground bacon.  It was quite tasty, but I was so tired that I didn’t even take any pictures!  I also must report that we were too full to try the famous dessert: maple bacon milkshakes.  Next time.

And that is my idea of the perfect wedding and honeymoon!




8 thoughts on “Wedding day!

  1. Fabulous! I think Don and I are going to get married in Hawaii next year by an ordained friend of ours. But honestly, I like the simplicity of yours!

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