JJ and I are very practical, non-sentimental people.  For my birthday every year, he cleans the bathroom for me.  A great romantic night out is tacos and ice cream.  So, you will understand why we’ve decided to go the super-simple route towards matrimony, and will be having a civil service at the San Bernardino courthouse on July 14!

We didn’t bring along much in the way of dress up clothes, so we will probably just wear our cleanest jeans and t shirts.  Our camphost friends, Dave and Max, will come along as witnesses and co-conspirators in a post-nuptial bacchanalia (eg: aforementioned tacos and ice cream!).  No invites, no rings, no party….just affirming the commitment we made almost 10 years ago, and making it legally recognized.  Just the way we want it!

As for a weekly update, I don’t have much to report, especially after an announcement like that!  We decided to lay low this “weekend”, reserving our energy for the crazy 4 or 5 days that will make up the 4th of July holiday for the campground. Yesterday we hung out with Dave and Max at Barton Flats, the campground where they live and manage.  We had a delicious cookout and then drove around to see the other areas they oversee.

Jenks Lake is a day use fishing lake, stocked every 2 weeks with trout.

The host site for Jenks Lake overlooks a lovely valley, with views down into San Bernardino.

We took a drive for some Dairy Queen blizzards, and then sat around a campfire in the evening.  Thankfully, we did not experience a visit from “Sebastian”, the bear that frequents their campground, and has been known to walk right up to campers roasting marshmallows.  (Note: if Sebastian shows up, leave the goodies and just back away!)

And, besides a bunch of chores to get ready for our week, that’s about all we did recently.  It’s been close to 90 every day, and because our work requires us to be outside all the time, and in the sun most of the time, we’re finding ourselves very drained.  Every day we put up reflective insulation in all our windows while the day is still cool.  The electricity in the campground is finicky, and we can’t count on AC running successfully for most of the day.  We drink insane amounts of water, and find ourselves craving salt and carbs.  We’re disgusting by noon, and our evening showers are heavenly.

No matter how tired we are, we enjoy people watching.  As a sociologist major, I’ve been having a great time compiling a list of differences between folks in the Midwest and those from the “Republic of California”–a strange and sovereign nation.  I will try to whip up that list for the next blog post!


7 thoughts on “Announcement!

  1. Congratulations Rayn and JJ! I will be thinking of you on the 14th and wishing you a lifetime of happiness! Mazel Tov!

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Woot woot! Oh, hell to the yes! Soooooooooooooo glad to hear (read?) this announcement! I’m glad you are able to make if official and definitely glad that you get to have it done your way. Congratulations and best wishes. Please know that we will al be there with you in spirit. That is crazy awesome news. Sorry I am a little late in responding. I was feeling under the weather last week and then we went out of town which is preferrable to feeling out of the weather and under town.
    Seriously, I am so happy for you both. I still really, really, really, really, really, really miss you.

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Kitty! I know that if I were there, you would do a Lady Gaga song and dance with me to celebrate!
      We miss you, too! No one can razz me quite the way you can!

  3. Congrats you two! That is wonderful news! Haven’t visiting your blog in a while, so this is the best possible! Miss you much, Neil.

  4. Oh wow! Congrats Rayn and JJ! I was just checking in on your adventures and am excited to see this happy event happened yesterday. Now you are honeymooners!

    Barb B.

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