I *heart* hiking!

This mostly-pictures post is an ode to my new love: hiking!  I’ve done some hiking in my time and enjoyed it alright, but here, I am completely hooked.  The vistas are captivating and inspiring, and I feel so free when I’m at the top of an overlook, enjoying miles of forested valley in front of me.  Yesterday we took Pineknot Trail to Grand View Point–8 miles of grandeur.  Today I pored over trail guides for the Big Bear Valley and made a list of all the other trails I want to sample while we’re here.

Love all the colors together!

Acorn granary–where woodpeckers store their food!

Wonder if this tree was hit by lightening?

This picture from Grand View Point does not do the valley justice. Note snow capped San Gorgonio in the distance.

Proof that I was there, too!

On the way back down, we saw the Solar Observatory. Our campground is right behind it. Can you see our RV? 🙂


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