Summer begins!

I had such grand, grand plans before we got here: we would travel every weekend, go all over, see the world!  In reality, (especially with the 100+ temps at lower elevations) we haven’t left the mountains yet, and I don’t know when we will.  There’s just so much that we can see and do and we don’t have to go too far from home to keep entertained.  Plus, as soon as we come off the mountain, we have that famed southern California traffic to contend with!  For now, our adventures will be alpine ones!

Last “weekend” we drove northwest to Lake Arrowhead, along the famous Rim of the World highway.  It is a twisty turny sail along the edge of the mountaintops, with fantastic views down to the Los Angelos valley.  (Or, it would be a view, if not for the smog.)

We went to Heaps Peak Arboretum, and learned more about the plants and trees in the area.  I was expecting something like Dawes Arboretum in Ohio, with highly manicured gardens.  It was more like an easy hike in the woods, occasionally popping you on onto a meadow with a lovely view down the other side of the mountain.

I felt like we were on the set of Heidi!

We had lunch at Cedar Glen Malt Shop, a delightful small town place that’s been there since 1946.  We had delicious hamburgers, fries, and malts (Maraschino for me and Chocolate Banana for JJ).

We planned to do a hiking trail just outside of town that leads to mortals and pestles carved into rock by the First People in this area.  But, thanks to an overzealous gravel application at the trailhead parking, we got so stuck that we needed help to get out.  We didn’t want to be stranded there if no one else was around when we were finished with the hike, so off we went.  Lake Arrowhead is a private lake, accessible only if you know someone with private frontage.  We don’t, but we sure did enjoy ogling the monstrous houses surrounding the lake.

Work is going well, but we’re a bit concerned that the busy season has not even started, which means we’ll have to get better at moving faster!  After this weekend, the campground is full most of the time, including weekdays.  We can feel ourselves getting more acclimated to the altitude, getting stronger as we shovel and rake and carry water, and our terrible farmer’s tans show us that our skin is getting used to new insults, too!  We don’t feel like complete newbies anymore, but we still have lots of questions every day as we get to know the industry.

I’ve been meaning to mention our cat, Soup.  She is the best RV cat!  She was such a wild thing as a kitten and young adult.  She had boundless energy, and liked to tear around the house.  Age has mellowed her, and she has adapted seamlessly to small space living.  Soupy loves the birds and squirrels outside her window, and she loves to snuggle in with us to stay warm on cold nights.  She snoozes all day long while we’re out and about, enjoying the sunshine from her personal skylight above the cab.  And when we’re home for lunch and dinner, she sits next to us at the dinette and tells us all about her day.  I worried about bringing a cat, and how she would adapt, but she’s wonderful to have along.

This is how good times begin!

It’s so beautiful here.  I’m enjoying seeing new vistas and different plants.  I love to watch the lizards with bright blue markings streak from shade to shade.  I like being out in the evening, and seeing the moon every night.  A few days ago, I thought that campers had left tissues all over their site, but when I got closer, I realized it was actually a field of Evening Primrose.

Not tissues!

I just realized that everyone was napping except for me.  How cool is it to have a job where you can zonk out in the middle of the day for siesta?

Not dead; he just likes to nap on the floor!

Like father, like daughter

More adventures to come!






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