Road Post #2

Whew!  How has it only been 3 days since I last wrote?  It seems like it’s been at least a week!  We’ve put in almost 900 miles since Denver, and everything is really starting to change…

Monday, we got back onto 70 and had our first taste of mountain driving.  Actually, Nat had HIS first taste of it, and I contributed by stomping on my imaginary break pedal.  The Rockies were lovely, and the RV performed flawlessly.  We had lunch at 10,000 feet!

It was a long, slow day of travel to Moab, UT.  The mountains make for such slow going–we averaged about 45 MPH both up and down.

Tuesday, we headed to Arches National Park.

It was simply stunning.  We had only one day, so we hit the highlights: Delicate Arch

Balanced Rock

The Windows

Landscape Arch

and Double Arch.

Spring wildflowers abounded.  Such colors!

We had perfect weather for lots of hiking.

Anyone who knows us can guess how this ends: burgers and ice cream!

Yesterday we drove (and drove and drove) 70 across Utah–touted at the most desolate stretches of highway in the US.  We got into Las Vegas after dark, the city sparkling beneath us as we came down from the mountains.  We’re staying at Sam’s Town RV–a megalopolis of 500 RV spots, and looking forward to seeing my brother for a day of desert hiking!


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