Road post #1

Finally in place for more than one night, I have the chance to do the first update from the road!  In a nutshell, spirits and morale are high, but energy and heat tolerance are low.  It’s been a grueling couple of days.

We left Ohio Thursday morning, Nat driving and me in the back of the RV, sobbing as we drove away from my folk’s house.  It was such a strange feeling to know that I won’t see it again for quite some time…maybe even years.

That first day was a doozy.  We wanted to make some good miles, so we drove over 500 miles, to an RV park about 50 miles west of St. Louis.  All in all, it was a 12 hour day, and we were completely fried by the time we finished up.  We fell into bed and slept the sleep of the righteous until our faithful alarm clock, Soupy, greeted us at 6am.  (Soupy does not believe in adhering to time zone changes.)

Friday promised to be a much better day, at only 450 miles.  Thanks to the cat, we were up and on the road much earlier than the day before, and got into Ellis, KS before dinner.  Ellis was a classic former railroad town, now quite faded, both figuratively and literally, due to a 3 year drought.  We were able to see most of the town on a 20 minute stroll, and feast our eyes on the train themed “attractions.”

By day 2, sweet, beleaguered Soupy was starting to come around to the fact that her new home occasionally rattles like a demon banshee.  She spent her first day like this:

Safe under the dinette!

And now she mostly looks like this:

Kansas lunch break

On Saturday, we finished up Kansas (thank heavens-it was just as boring as advertised!) and found that eastern Colorado looks exactly the same.  We started getting tunnel vision as we drove–with nothing but brown fields on either side, into the horizon, and endless straight road as far as we could see.

About 40 miles out of Denver, we finally saw the promise of new terrain.  We’ve often seen cloud banks that look like distant mountains, and we like to squint and pretend they’re real…this time, they were!  We pulled into the Prospect RV Park, initially dubious because of the gravel lot and tight quarters.  It’s turned out to be a fine home: quiet and close to the friends we had come to see.

We went to a fine dinner with our friends Amy and Angie, sharing stories (and bacon!) on their million-dollar-view back deck, overlooking the city from the second highest house in the city.  When we last saw them at a music festival in August, they invited us to come visit if we ever came through Denver.  I never dreamed we would be able to take them up on their offer within the year!  They are people I wish we could see all the time–smart and funny and warm, and gluten-free and pro-ice cream, to boot!

Today we caught up on rest and chores (sorely needed) so that tomorrow we can head to Arches National Park!


2 thoughts on “Road post #1

  1. So much fun to “travel vicariously” through you guys! Looks like Soupy is adjusting! (Love the shot of her hiding in the safe spot. Have fun at Arches!

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