Preparing for launch

All in all, leaving-for-California preparations are going pretty well.  Soupy adjusted freakishly fast to RV life, and loves life in the sunny window spots.  Life in a moving RV is another matter (trial trip went ok, but she was not pleased) so we’re hoping for the best.

We have been hard at work, doing tons of final prep including a couple huge jobs like washing, waxing and Eternabonding the RV roof.  Eternabond is a seam sealer that promises to outlive the people who own the RV, and that job is the reason why I am voting for Nat as “Best Partner of the Month”!

I feel like we could keep working on things for another month, and still not be finished with all the odds and ends.  My Dad is constantly reminding me that I don’t have to finish everything before we leave.  I have this idea that we’re going on some really long vacation, and that we won’t be able to do work while we’re on the trip.

The biggest chore (and hardest thing) is continuing to downsize.  Even after a year of stuff-tossing, we brought too much out to the RV.  Everything has to have a specific place, so the move in process is slow and tedious.  We will have a huge load for Goodwill right before we leave, and it can be emotionally taxing to make those decisions.  The hardest thing?  My Tupperware collection.  I had enough to put up a month of lunches, but really, will I need all that with a freezer the size of a mailbox?

Can’t wait for Thursday–official launch day!




2 thoughts on “Preparing for launch

  1. Wow! you are brave taking a kitty. Thinking of you today. Can’t wait to hear how the adventure is going.

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