Happy belated Easter!

Easter egg hunt–kitty style!


We had our own version of an Easter egg hunt.  The cats spent the last 5 years hiding precious cargo under the couch, and yesterday we found each and every one!

On a related note, I’m glad that I was no longer at a public library for this holiday.  Holidays are such strange times when you work with the public, because it’s so easy to say the wrong thing.  One person’s holiday is another person’s aggravation, and you can get yourself in trouble for either wishing them a good day, not wishing them a good day, or using the wrong phrase.  I quickly learned to not say a thing, and then just parrot back whatever they were wishing me:  “Happy holidays!”, (and Happy holidays to you!), “Merry Christmas”, (and Merry Christmas to you!), “Happy thing I’ve never heard of!”, (and right back at you, ma’am!).  Can’t we all just be civilized about this?  When someone says “Happy whatnot!”, they are just saying “I believe in this thingy”.  And it’s no skin off my back to reply in the affirmative as a way to say “I acknowledge your opinion on the matter!”  We don’t have to agree for me to support your right to your dogmas, and vice versa.

On to RV updates!  Much to my surprise and delight, we completely liquidated the house in just 3 days.  What exactly did people do in the days before Facebook?  We had a unending stream of folks come by to buy the good stuff, we freecycled the so-so, and we have a very small amount of junk to be trashed.  Just a few pieces of furniture remain, and they will be picked up in a few days by a friend.  We were able to borrow a card table and chairs and some camping cots so that we don’t have to do everything on the floor.

Today will be the inaugural run of the RV, to test out that she’s running well.  We’ll clean up the inside and then start moving in on Wednesday.  The real fun will be Thursday, when we move in the cat.

The best part is that we went over to dinner with the folks who adopted our cats.

The boys are happy and playful, and adjusting well to the household.  They are already comfortable, exploring the house and tentatively saying hello to the 2 older cats.  Best of all, their new parents are the exact sorts of people I envisioned for them.  They are devoted and indulgent, involved and loving–I know they are the best possible home for our babies.  I’m so glad we were able to arrange an open adoption!

So, despite the intense stress of the last week, things are going quite well, and falling into place just as everyone promised they would.



4 thoughts on “Happy belated Easter!

  1. Glad to hear that everything is going well! I can so relate to the hidden “cat treasures.” One of our cats likes to steal rubber bands and hide them under our living room area rug. We hadn’t realized it until one day when we saw him playing with a rubber band and took it away, he went right to the rug and pulled out another… and then we repeated the process half a dozen more times. My husband I were laughing so hard we were in tears. Now we just know that regardless of how many we try to take away (so that our kitty won’t eat them) there are probably more stashed around the house. Good luck with the rest of your move!

  2. We, the folks who are now the monochrome cats’ humans, are so happy you’re happy. For our own part, we fell very fortunate both to have met you both (albeit belatedly) and to provide a new home for these remarkable, funny, affectionate, soft, playful cats.

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