Ice cream send off

When I was younger, I was a picture taking fool.  I had a camera with me at all times, and I insisted on photographing everything I saw.  It started with my first camera at age 15, which I used to take a series of photos on a family vacation to the Outer Banks that I would title “No, I’m not drunk, it just looks like I was when I took this.”  Even when surrounded by absolute beauty, every picture from that trip was of something….ugly!  We went to to the famous black and white lighthouse.  Did I take the classic picture of the striking spiral exterior?  Nope, I took one inside, looking up the spiral steps.  With no flash.  It was a lovely blur.  Did I capture the fun my family was having?  Well, I did catch the time that we buried my brother in the sand and then strategically placed an empty beer bottle as an “appendage” to taunt him when he couldn’t escape.  It’s a delightful photo series, you can imagine.

I kept up the photo routine all through high school and college.  (And, I say in my best old lady voice: it was all during the time when you had to buy film.  And load it.  And then hope your pictures were framed right.  And then take it to the photo developing place.  And then wait 2 days to get the mess back.  Barbaric, wasn’t it!?)  I amassed an enormous collection of photos, and nary a one got much better than that first batch from the Outer Banks.  But, I dutifully put them in albums, in order, and labeled completely on the back with names, locations and dates.  (This may have been an early clue that I was an anal retentive person…what high schooler goes to those lengths with photos?!)

But then, a few years after college, my camera broke and I didn’t get around to fixing it.  It was the time before cell phone cameras were much good, and I just sort of got out of the picture habit.  And now, even with a snazzy phone that has better picture taking ability than any of the cameras I had before, it’s just not occurring to me to take pictures of my life.  Note to self: must make new habit.

Which is why I’m sorry to report that I have no pictures from the most lovely party I attended this weekend, a fantastic send-off from my Library co-workers.  (But considering my underdeveloped picture-taking skills, perhaps it’s best to leave these memories to my brain, where they look so much nicer.)

Of course, I requested that my party be held at an ice cream shop: Graeters!  There was a huge turnout: co-workers, library volunteers, and former staff members, too.  It was nice to spend time with everyone outside of work.  Our jobs are so hectic that I often feel like I can spend an entire day in the same department as someone I work with, and still, at the end of the day, I couldn’t tell you what color shirt they had been wearing.

I was completely blown away by the presents they gave me.  (Which, thankfully, I can photograph now for posterity!)  Kathleen designed the most clever “DVD case”, a mock movie titled “The California Caper” starring Rayn Hetterscheidt and Nat Case.  The cover is a map of the US, with all the Pilot/Flying J locations between here and California.  Inside is a blank, writable DVD, for us to burn with pictures of our adventures (complete with Baby Daze picture!)

GHPL “movie” case

She also made a mock up “gift certificate” for an ice cream shop in Big Bear, CA. 

Absolutely adorable and unbelievably creative!  I wonder what the place would say if I stroll in there after we arrive and present this certificate? 🙂

I was so lucky to have the chance to work at a library that I loved as a patron, and lucky to have such a great crew of people to work with there.  The Library is consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation, and that’s largely due to the staff.  I’m going to miss these folks.


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