On saying goodbye

I’m starting to say goodbyes.  This week I went out to dinner with friends from the Library.  The husband is a graphic designer, and gave me this adorable print, which should be just small enough to fit into our RV.  (See our names on the door?!)

And this past weekend, I delivered a couple pieces of furniture to friends, friends I don’t see all that often.  As we got into the car, it struck me: that may have been the last time to see them.

This part of the process is the hard part.  We have so many good friends here in Columbus, and most of our families live here, too.  Everyone says that they’d love to come and visit, but I appreciate that there will be an awful lot of space between us–Ohio and the West Coast is not just a quick jaunt on a weekend!

So, as everyone is starting to ask “are you getting excited?!”, I would have to say back “yes, tinged with sadness, and please promise to visit.”


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