I’m not generally one to use the phase, but the best way for me to explain my housing throughout my life is to say that I’ve been blessed.  Every time I needed a place to stay, the perfect situation miraculously appeared, with no real effort on my part.

After a breakup, I needed a super cheap place to stay while I supported myself on minimum wage.  I found the perfect efficiency within walking distance of my work, which allowed me to save as much money as possible.  Just as that lease (and money for rent!) was about to run out, I met a new friend who wanted a roomie to live in her house.  I stayed with her for 4 years, a great arrangement for both of us.

More recently, we found our current house through friends of friends, and we got way more than a place to live.  We became friends with our landlords and their circle of friends, and formed good relationships that we probably wouldn’t have started otherwise.

And now, that luck continues.  As soon as I knew that we were hired by Amazon for the 2015 holiday season, I started calling RV parks in the same city, hoping to score a reservation.  I knew the waiting list could be brutal, and if we didn’t get on in that town, we’d have a 22 (or even 35) mile commute from the next “closest” option.  Yesterday, the fine people of Desert Rose RV Park in Fernley, NV called to tell me that we got a spot, which means we’re only 4 miles from the jobsite!

The thing is, jobs and friends work in exactly the same way for me.  I guess I’m just plain lucky, because employment has always come right when I needed it, and has always been just what I needed in order to gain skills for the next job.  And the people I’ve met have always been just the sort of folks I needed the most at that time in my life.  So, another way to think about this is that everything in my life tends to work out just the way it should.  I’m blessed.


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