Hot mess, and I don’t just mean the RV

RV Renovation

We had been hard at it all day, working on a million little projects in the RV, when my mother poked her head in the door.  With the sight above greeting her, she emphatically said “What a mess!!!”  The kitchen is completely ripped apart so that we can run wires throughout it for the battery monitor and the tank gauges.  I swear, this is all for a good reason, and it’s going to come together soon, but right now, I agree, it looks like we’re a bunch of crazies just wrecking the place.

The thing is, I’m feeling a bit like *I’M* a crazy right now.  We are definitely heading in to the tough portion of the getting ready to go plan.  I slogged through signing up for health insurance, only to realize I had done it all wrong and needed to start over.  (I didn’t feel so bad when the customer service guy for the government site needed my help to spell “Ohio.”  I might be going crazy, but I can spell Ohio!)

And we’re starting to have to make tough decisions.  For the last couple months, we’ve been steadily getting rid of things, and mostly things we’re not all that attached to.  But now, UGH!  I have to start making hard choices, and I either get rid of something or I have to store it.  My mind keeps thinking “well, I can worry about that later…”, except later is now.

The hardest thing is going to be the cats.  My mother in law said that she would be a last resort, and it appears that’s where they are going.

Poppet the cutest

But, I look into their little faces, and I just feel so sad.  I wish we could take them, and we just can’t.  It makes me feel rotten.

But, we’re persevering, and we should be right on track to move out of our house by 4/23.  Holy crap, that’s like 5 weeks away.  Go team freak-out!


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