Crazed with technology but everything else is good

I wish that the title meant that I was overjoyed with new knowledge and busy riding the waves of connectivity and bliss.  In reality, I’m ready to chuck my laptop, because I just can’t figure something out and I’ve been at it for an hour.  (On the other hand, maybe I was saved from some terrible accident that would have happened if I were out and about, and I should be glad for my butt in a chair for that time!)  I have a tech session set up with the computer guy at my work, to ensure that I have everything set up as it should be with our new laptop, MiFi jetpack, and whatnot. I will throw my burning question at him then and hopefully, he can solve it.

What is this terrible conundrum that’s vexing me so?  Must be something heady and important, right?!  It’s just that I can’t make my Flickr talk to my WordPress, and while I can show a link to the Flickr image, it won’t appear in the post as it used to.  Why does that make me so nuts?

Jonathan and I are steadily moving towards an empty house.  Yesterday, we rounded up a huge lot of stuff to get rid of, and posted on our neighborhood Freecyclers group that it was free to anyone and waiting for pickup on our front porch.  If you post it, they will come!  Practically everything is gone. and we didn’t have to drive anywhere or schlep it more than out our front door.

And this morning, we did our first sweep of the kitchen.  It’s nice to be a heavy-duty cook, because I know what I use, and what’s safe to purge.  We ended up with a couple boxes of stuff to donate (or put out on the porch!) and the space looks much better.

I’m also quite happy with our new Millenicom MiFi and being able to work on WiFi all over the house.  Between a new laptop and phone, and my still sort-of-new tablet, I am having a wonderful time trying out new things and cursing what I can’t figure out. (The cats are neutral on the fact that I’m taking so many pictures of them with my great new phone camera.) (Second aside–photos that I would post here if I could bloody well figure out how to do it!)

The best news is that the weather should start cooperating soon, and get above freezing for a while.  We plan to get out to my dad’s house and start working on the RV.  Tons to do there!


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