Mid-winter update

This winter is certainly reminding me of why I want to get out out Dodge!  Super cold, tons of snow, and no let up in sight.  It’s like we secretly became Minnesota overnight.

We had a week out in the Bay Area, complements of some friends who were having surgery and wanted some nursing/cooking/company during the recovery.  And it was *marvelous*!

Nat at Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, Berkeley, CARayn at Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, Berkeley, CA

We did have some late nights and early mornings and lots of work, but we also did plenty of hiking (and ice cream eating, of course!)  It was amazing to see the sun for the first time in months!

Back home, I got to work on really getting ready for full-timing.  The main item on the to-do list was to start working for a home for the kittens.  I so wish we could take them along, but Soupy would murder us, and no one would get any sleep as the three of them would fight all night.  I started a Facebook page for them here.  And I’ve been sending adorable puddy pictures to a co-worker who might be in the market.

And then, on our path to downsizing and saving money, I spent about a million dollars.  I got a new phone (mine was old enough to be good for nothing) and I started a Millenicom account so we can have internet on the road.

That made me start thinking about money, and all my fears started coming up.  (In a nutshell, we end up naked and being eaten by crows as we crawl across the desert.)  It was so fortuitous that I came across the blog alifemadesimple.  The authors work summers in Canadian Provencial Parks, and travel the rest of the year.  Their story totally changed my outlook and sparked a long day of thinking.

I was ready to attack Jonathan when he got home from work that night, eager to share all my new ideas.  Basically, I had always been in the mindset that as long as we have the money, it’s ok to spend, as long as we don’t overspend.  With this frame of mind, I had lots of things on the “to-buy” list, that in retrospect, don’t look so good anymore.  What if we radically change our spending, so we can also take several months off each year?  What items could we do without, what changes could we make to hold onto more money?

It was a great discussion, and we came out of it with lots of ideas.  I was able to cross off all kinds of items from that dreaded list, and I’m feeling much better about our financial future.  It was just the kind of revitalization that a girl could use in the midst of zero degrees and 8 inches of snow.






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