A little scattered

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for a while now, trying to get my thoughts into a coherent narrative.  While I’d like to give a glowing update about our fabulous lives, perhaps the truth is easier to write: this part of the adventure is some hard going, and I feel like I’m starting more than I’m finishing.

There are so many projects that have so many components, and I can spend hours working on one part, just to realize that I need to put in many more.  Like, digitizing my music.  I spent days getting it all into the cloud in Google Play.  But, I still need to decide if I want backup versions elsewhere, and then make that happen.  Or, digitizing pictures. Good lord, but I was a picture-taker in my younger years! (And most of them were pretty terrible!)  First step was to go through my albums and throw away the ones of people I don’t even remember.  Several rounds later, I had a good working list of the memories I want to keep.  Next step is to scan all those puppies and get them on Flickr.  And after I finish that (in about 100 more hours) I will need to burn them onto CDs for safe-keeping.

It’s too cold to work on the RV, and there are many unfinished projects.  But, I am continuing to buy new items that we need as funds are available, and getting ready for the time when we can make things happen again.  I’m a bit scared about the amount we still have to do, because so much of it is of the frieking-huge variety–projects that will likely take at least a day each.

But, I am slowly working my way through doing what needs to be done.  Most importantly, we are continuing to get rid of stuff, and I know that’s a task best implemented slowly.  When I am relaxed and happy, the stuff-reducing game is fine–fun, even.  And when I feel stressed, I suddenly can’t imagine getting rid of anything, because it’s all so precious!

For winter, I guess I’m doing pretty good.



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