And the roller coaster crests over the hill….

It’s a very small step, but something has happened that definitely tipped us over the top of the hill, sending us down the rest of the roller coaster track: we got a job!  Yep, we have a job offer for a concessionaire in a national forest in southern California, and it starts 5/12/14!  Suddenly, everything seem a bit more pressing, and all the ideas that were just mulling around in my head need to get organized into something coherent.

First, how it happened: blind happenstance.  I have spent the past couple months doing so much work on my resume, the boy’s resume, my cover letter, his cover letter, joint versions of each, ad nauseum.  I got help from several friends, I did re-writes, I drug my poor Pop into each revision.  In the end, I submitted that fancy mess to exactly one campground, here in the mid-west, and planned to mail out about a million more.  Then, I decided to check the website of a concessionaire that administers campgrounds in national forests out west, one that I had heard good things about, just to see if anything was listed about next summer.  Why, Yippee!  They had listings posted for 2014.  The application process was just fill-in-the-blank online, nothing else.  I did one for me, one for the boy.  There was a bit of a short essay section, and I was my usually overly verbose self, but I didn’t even have the opportunity to trot out my swanky resume collection.

The next day, I had a phone call from the manager of one of the campgrounds.  We talked forever, and he was kind enough to answer all my newbie questions, and I had a ton.  He told me to think it over, and get back to him.  I did a bit more research, and emailed with some Escapees members who have worked for the same company.  Everyone was happy with the company.  I talked to the manager again, with a few more questions, and said I’d like an interview.  I almost fell out of my seat when he said that he was ready to offer us the job!  He’s been doing this for 10 years, he said, and I obviously have a good head on my shoulders, a great job history, and solid references.  He’s a good judge of character, and he was happy to offer me the position based on what he already had heard.

And that is how I came to have my first seasonal job with practically no work involved to find it.  Mind you, I do still have to pass a background check.  And as long as a speeding ticket from 2002 is not a problem, I will be OK.  (I asked Nat when the last time was he had been pulled over, and he looked at me like I was crazy: “I’ve never been pulled over.”  Hmmmmph.  We can’t all be Nat.)

Just need to fill out the mountain of paperwork, mail it in, and wait til May!




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