Getting stuff done, one slow step at a time

The subject matter of this post is boring enough, and to add insult to injury, I completely failed to take pictures of the process, too!  (How does that quote go?  “The food was terrible, and furthermore, the portions were so small!”)  I’m going to try to describe, with as many action verbs as possible, the thrilling day we had yesterday.  Close your eyes and make believe with me.

Picture Nat, hunched over the table, deconstructed light fixture all gutted in front of him, and a steaming soldering gun in hand.  Now, just keep picturing that for, oh, about 4 hours.  He definitely wins the good citizen of the month award, because he single-handedly converted all the fluorescent fixtures over to LED strips.

It’s not much to describe, but it feels so so good to have this huge project completely finished.  Just a short month ago, Nat had never soldered, and 20 hours of work later, he’s a pro.  We sat in the RV with all the lights on when he was done, and enjoyed the fact that none of the fixtures would melt from getting too hot, and we were using so much less electricity, too!

This seems to be the way that all these last projects are going.   Lots and lots of slow work that finally pays off, but takes forever to get done.  Next weekend is Seelevel gauges,  so we know exactly how full our tanks are.  Could be an even more boring description than this week!



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