Life education

When we were talking with the woman we met a the music festival, the one who lives in her V W bus, we mentioned that we are able to be saving money because we’re no longer going to the gym.  She asked if that was really a big money saver, and we told her how much we had been spending.  (And her jaw went to the floor!)  I admit, the figure is pretty large.  However, we consciously chose to spend that money on our health, and we didn’t really spend it anywhere else.  No shopping, no nights out, no movies, no concerts.  We made that experience the focus of our efforts for 3 years.

Her response made me think: was I crazy to spend that money?  After only a second of thought, I knew the answer was “no, definitely not crazy!”.  It was actually one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made….because it got me to where I am right now, when another path probably would not have.

My experiences at the gym started me down many paths, all of which have made me a better person.  I was stiff and inflexible, so I started on mobility work.  Mobility work led to an interest in kineseology and posture.  And I’ll be damned if working on my physical inflexiblities didn’t help me to also see other areas where I was being rigid.

I was on a path that I didn’t really like or enjoy, because I felt like I had no other options.  Instead, I’ve had the courage to make big, big changes, and give another idea a whirl.  I feel scared, but also extremely excited at the possibilities ahead of us.

It’s just really funny: she saw that money spent at the gym as a terrible waste, and I see the gym as the catalyst that inspired me to change my life.  Really, it was a pretty small price to pay for happiness.


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