Late summer update

You know it’s been a long time since you’ve updated your blog when you log in, and the whole look and layout of the Admin site has changed!  Admittedly, it’s been a busy summer, and I’ve been having a lot of fun.

In July we went out for a vacation/practice run along the shores of Lake Erie.  We started at Cedar Point, where Nat met his dad for a day of nausea and delirium, that is, a day of roller coasters.  (To clarify, he thinks being tossed about to near death is a real fun thing to do, but I most certainly do not.  I read all of Dances with Wolves while hanging out in the RV, which is a much more civilized way to spend an afternoon.)

There is nothing that could get me on this thing.

There is nothing that could get me on this thing.

Next stop was Geneva State Park.  The park itself was lovely–huge, quiet camping areas and close beach access where we watched beautiful sunsets.  The nearby town, Geneva-On-The-Lake, though, was not the sort of place where I’d want to spend more than about an hour.  We did enjoy an open-air burger joint and some yummy ice cream.

The last stop was the best: a campground just outside of Presque Isle State Park in Pennsylvania.  I got a good education in electrical services, as in, how things can go wrong in campgrounds when it is 90 degrees and everyone has their AC on.  The EMS worked like a charm, and prevented the rig from getting the weak current that could ruin things.  My dad’s voltmeter saved the day, allowing me to find a spot that actually had enough juice for us to use, and without having to move the RV over and over and plug in to find out this info.

We had a lot of fun eating ice cream and exploring, but the best part was starting to feel comfortable in the RV.  We’re beginning to have systems for where things live and how to do our normal routine, and it’s just generally starting to feel more like a home.

We took our first big boondocking trip to a musical festival in Michigan in August.  On the way up, we stayed in the parking lot of a Cabela’s, which was great for free and right off the highway.  The next day we went to Muskegon State Park, which currently holds my vote for best state park ever.  Lake Michigan is gorgeous (but waaay too cold for swimming) and the campgrounds were right in the middle of lots of hiking and nice views of the lake and bay.

Baby Daze at Muskegon State Park, MI

Muskegon State Park, MI

Nat at Muskegon Bay, MI

We said goodbye to electricity, and boondocked in a field at the festival from Monday-Sunday.  I had been so worried about a couple things, like would the solar panel charge enough for the bit of electric we needed, and would we have enough propane for the fridge?!  As my dad prophesied, the things we worried about never caused a problem, and we instead came up with a new issue!  Note: There is a perfect balance of water and toilet paper in an RV toilet.  We definitely erred on the side of too little water.  Yep, we had constipated toilet from day 2, but thankfully, there were port-o-potties everywhere at the festival so we didn’t have to go in the woods.

The festival was wonderful, with lots of great concerts, hanging out with friends, and debauchery.  (I may have had booze in my coffee on several occasions.)  We also met lots of folks who are living on the road and had great advice for us.  One woman has been teaching online and living her her V W bus for 6 years.  She warned us that everyone will say we can’t do it.  People told her she couldn’t do it.  Now, looking back on years of ACTUALLY doing it, she begs to differ.  We met a senior who prefers to live alone, and travels by herself for six months out of the year, and a photographer RVing through all the National Parks.  It was just what my weary soul needed–the fresh infusion of excitement for my idea, and some practical tools on how to achieve it.

On the way home, the motion of the road (and perhaps our hopeful shouts of “shake, poop, shake!”) dislodged the toilet problem, and all felt right with the world.  We got home thoroughly exhausted, but really, really happy.


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