Lifelong learner

The other night, I was sitting on the bed reading, and both the kittens climbed up on my lap and passed out.  I finished the book I was reading, but they were just so cute that I couldn’t bear to wake them.  I sat still a while, and when they kept on dozing, I knew I needed something else to be entertained.  My old high school era journals were in reach, and I grabbed the one on top, the first one that I started when I was 15.

Besides realizing that I was a major punk, (that’s directed at you, Pop-and I’m sorry!) I also realize how very happy I am that I’m out of organized education.  Hating school was a major theme in life at that time.  I felt so constrained by the school calendar and structure.  I could not stand going back to school every fall.  Breaks were tinged with sadness, because I felt the impending doom of school coming up yet again, so much so that I sometimes couldn’t enjoy the time off.

More than anything, I hated that school took away so much of my free time for LEARNING!  I was never the sort to just veg in front of the TV or do nothing.  I was perfectly happy with lots of down time, because it gave me time to read and learn!  Left to my own devices, I still pick up books on almost anything.  I may not read them clear through, but the wide range of subjects mean that I’m exposed to a lot.  School made me focus on the subjects I didn’t care for.  And I have to admit, I don’t retain much if I don’t care about the subject matter at all!  School felt like a giant waste of time, a way of containing me until I was old enough to be released on the world.

Now that I can learn what I wish, I’m having a marvelous time of it.  RVing is directing me towards electricity and engineering concepts, my interest in health takes me to biochemistry, and pure fascination guides me to true-life adventure stories.  I love being an adult and having this freedom!

I feel like being curious is a preventative measure against boredom.  At this rate, I have enough fuel to keep boredom at bay for several lifetimes.  To learning!


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