The RV Cleaning….5k?

Another hardworking weekend on the RV, except we could only make it out to my folks house for one day, so we didn’t get a ton done.  But, what we did get done was pretty impressive!


We got the stupid washer/dryer out!  The old owners paid to have that side window taken out, in order to install the washer/dryer.  My super smart Dad did some measurements and realized that we could just open the window all the way, and slide that puppy right out!  We were first thinking we would use a system of boards set up over the window frame and slide it out, but then he hit on a brilliant plan: use the Kubota!  It has a two prong attachment that can be set to any width you want.  We made it just wide enough to get into the window and then hold the dryer on its side.  So, we saved a lot of time and effort, and I might be able to sell the beast!

The other main task was waxing.  I didn’t mind it too much, but it does take an awfully long time.  And there are parts that are incredibly hard to reach!


When we tried to practice with the levels, the battery wouldn’t turn over.  I checked the maintenance log and yes, it’s old.  So, there’s one more item to add to the to-get list.

Things are coming along, albeit at a pace that seems a bit glacial!


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