The Great RV Cleaning Race

Woowee!  This weekend was a marathon of RV cleaning, and we still have so much to do.  I made a master list of things I wanted to get done before we leave on our inaugural trip.  See, we’re going to a rally with my folks and their RV buddies.  And on these get-togethers, the club members tour each others rigs and look at improvements and give each other ideas on things to add or change.  And our RV was DIRTY!  Not in a super-gross way, just in a 10-year-old-and-lots-of-pets-inside-and-never-cleaned-much way.  Now, the outside storage compartments *were* definitely at super-gross status, because the previous owners weren’t too fastidious about where they stored their dump supplies.  Ew!  Every poop in its place I say!

Let’s see if I can remember everything we banged out in 2 days of work:

  • Washed roof and all exterior
  • Washed all windows in and out, removed screens and washed them
  • Washed down all walls and ceiling
  • Washed out all cabinets and drawers
  • Vacuumed all the floors and cushions–aired out the cushions in the sun
  • Bleached out the storage areas (GAG!)
  • Repaired broken slide curtains around cab and upper bunk
  • Installed new smoke and CO detectors
  • Tried to fix 2 broken drawers (Fail–need to try another method)
  • Lubed all lube-y things, like levels, door and auto step
  • Practiced using the levels (This could use more work, too)
  • Dug through all the junk in the outside bins

And probably some other things that I forgot, the way a new mother forgets the pain of childbirth once she sees her child’s face.

After all that, my mother wandered out to check on progress and poked her head in the door.  Seeing a mess of empty boxes and instruction manuals, she asked “What have you done so far?”  Sigh.  I hope the good people at the rally are more impressed with our labor.



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