Almost, sort of, and kinda READY!

We’ve had a flurry of activity at our house lately, after ordering approximately 1 million dollars worth of RV stuff.  It’s been like Christmas lately, with boxes arriving almost every day.  The loot has ranged from the dull but necessary (an Electrical Management System, and new fire, propane and CO detectors) to more fun items like sleeping bags.  (My co-workers, however, think that all of it is lame.  Where I work, boxes that arrive for an individual person always contain shoes.  So, they ask to see the shoes I got, and seem very  disappointed when I pull out something like an electrical adapter.)

We are getting ready to head out on our maiden voyage, to a rally with my folks and their camping club, on the Lake Michigan shoreline.  I am excited and scared at the same time.  (Someone I know refers to this state as “frexcited” for frieking out and excited.)  Because, not only will we be driving all by ourselves for the first time, we will be on our own for a day and a half before we meet up with my folks.  The plan is to go up a day ahead of my folks, in order to stop at Bigfoot and have new levelers put on.  Easy peasy–300 miles by ourselves, spend the night at the leverler company, and then just another 70 miles to the campground.  How can we implode an RV in 36 hours, right?!

The downside to all this planning is that I have damn little time to actually DO things before we leave, thanks to a busy work schedule.  I made a list of to-dos that I want to get done before this first trip.  To just read over it, it doesn’t sound too daunting.  The first three chores read off fairly easily: wash her, wax her, drag the stupid washer/dryer unit out that we never plan to use.  I can read that list in 2 seconds, but I know those tasks alone probably equal about 6 hours of work.  And that is just the first of about 20 items on that list.

Regardless, it’s so great to be moving towards actually doing something, rather than just dreaming about it.


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