Making money, spending money

We are money nerds now.  We write down everything we spend, a la Your Money or your Life, and we do a tally at the end of the month to see how much we spent on everything.  The best part has been looking at the total throughout our accounts, and noting how much we added in savings.  We agreed that we had the same number goal in mind; we wanted to have a certain base amount before we starting spending on the RV, so that we could cover emergencies.  Lo and behold, after adding up February, we are THERE!  (Note that a month where you sell lots of stuff and also get back hefty tax refunds makes this a much easier process!)

So, I went shopping!  I have to admit, while I’m excited to get things to make the RV better, this sort of shopping just isn’t the same as searching for a really cool pair of shoes.   Especially because I was buying things that I only marginally understand: an electrical management system and a converter.

The electrical management system (EMS) is pretty cool.  It protects the whole rig from any power issues that could mess it up.  Against too little power, too much, and apparently, against something called “3-Mode Surge Protection”: This feature “provides full surge protection L-N, L-G, and N-G.  Total Joule rating is 1,790, 44,000A surge current.  Response time of <1 nano second.”  These words meant something to my Dad, who recommended this gadget, but absolutely nothing to me.  (I still need to read the book I got out about RV electrical systems, but I swear, this thing could NOT be more dry.)

I also got a converter to go with it.  And you know, I read a bit about it, and I’ll be danged if I know what it does. (Thank goodness Nat and my Dad are engineers–if it was just me working on this thing, we would be in deep trouble!)

And that, friends, is how to spend $470 in just 10 minutes!  Next month’s goal is a tow dolly for the car, which will make $470 look like a nice warmup amount!


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