This has been a very successful month!  We buckled down and got our taxes done early, and our decent refunds are already in the bank.  After a few false starts (I’m glaring at you, Craigslist scammers!) we found real, live people who wanted to buy the first 3 things we listed, with no haggling about the price!  I sold a lamp to a co-worker.  And we’re housesitting this weekend, which will bring in more cash.

This must be what it feels like to be a mid-level drug dealer!  As my friend Tom likes to say, “I’m making 10s of dollars!”.

The best part is that we are finally at the financial point that I wanted to be: plenty of reserve in the bank, and with enough still coming in each month to start devoting a decent portion of our incomes to fixing up the RV.  (And paying back my dear Father for the purchase of the beast in the first place!)

I even had a successful cold.  I used to get 3-4 colds each year that always, and I mean ALWAYS turned into a sinus infection.  And then, I’d have to go to the doctor so they could look at me and say “Yep, that’s a sinus infection”, so I could get antibiotics.  Super annoying.  This cold was the first illness I’ve had in a year.  It came on quick, left quick, and I didn’t get a sinus infection!  I did not however, have successful sneezing with it.  I had a horrendous sneezing jag with 10 sneezes in a row, and when it finally ended, I felt something like a raisin stem in between my back teeth.  Oh hell, no.  I had actually chipped a molar during the fit!  Luckily, it doesn’t hurt, and I already have a cleaning scheduled for next week, when it can be smoothed over.

These incidents made me realize that I need to start a health log, an accounting of anything going on, for my own records.  I’ve always relied on my doctor’s records if I needed to fall back on dates and history.  But, while I’m on the road, I might see a different doctor every year, and I will need to be able to know things like when I last got a tetanus shot.  I’ve started a maintenance log for the RV; this will just be a maintenance log for people!

Next step: Health history, more craiglist postings, and LESS STUFF!


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