Craigslist–the Wild, Wild West!

True fact: before this week, I had never gotten onto Craigslist.  I’m not much of a shopper, and I don’t much care to wade through the piles of junk there to find something good.  All the emailing back and forth seemed tedious.  But, as we started to think about selling our things, that same forum started to look better and better.  We have plenty of stuff that is decent, but not great or fancy.  We could donate to a thrift store, and reap just good karma; we could hold a garage sale, and maybe make a little money.  Craigslist appeals because I can try listing things for a bit on the high side, and then sit back and wait.   I just posted my first three items yesterday, and I’m already getting an education.

Item #1: An antique iron bed.

It’s gorgeous, with a headboard over 5′ tall, and decorative white iron with brass tubing.  It weights about a million pounds, so I really want someone to buy this and then come pick it up.  We listed it for $300, and noted that we don’t want the mattress and box spring any longer.  So, if the buyer wants those, too, they are included in the price.  If they don’t want them, cool, the frame is still $300.  I got an email soon after: “Is this item still available and what is the final price?”  I could understand the first question, but I was a little annoyed at the second, because I thought I had been pretty clear.  I hate repeating myself just because someone doesn’t take the time to read my words.  But, I am more than willing to pander to someone who will give me good money for this beast.  I wrote out a pleasant reply and hit send.

Immediately, another email arrived from this same guy.  He had the most fantastic idea! (Sarcasm alert!)  He has a guy in my area next week to pick up some other large things.  So, he will send me a cashier’s check for $500, which I will cash, and then I keep $300 and send the rest to his shipper by money order.  This was a super annoying turn of events.  Just for the sake of being a nice person, I replied “So sorry, but we will take cash in hand only.”

An hour later, another hit.  This indicated it was sent from an iPhone, and said “Is this still available and what’s the total price?”  I’m wondering if I just write horrendously unclear copy, or if the buyers are a little slow.  I generate another response……(you know where this is going)……and same thing!  Instant response with the same fantastic, would-you-like-to-be-ripped-off idea!  If I had free time then, I might have enjoyed typing back a lengthy diatribe about how I would LOOOOOVE to be scammed, and how very very clever they are!  Alas, I was on break and work and did not have the time.

I get it now.  I will take the time to respond to someone who says something like, “so this bed, how old is it, and how much does it weigh…”  For any of these vague questions, I’m just going to hit reply with a blank email.  If something bounces back right away, I didn’t waste a moment of time.

Postings #2 and #3 are generating interest, but in a much better way.  Also listed now are an Olympic lifting bar and Olympic lifting shoes.  (Some hobbies just won’t work on the road!)  I’ve already had one guy tell me that I priced them too low!

The nice thing about this experiment is that we have plenty of time until we plan to hit the road, so there’s no rush to price everything really low.  I hope we unload at least a few things!


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