A trip to the Ohio Boat and RV Show, and rampant snobbishness on my part

Before I go any further here, I must make a declaration–my father has indoctrinated me well, and I am a firm believer that there are Lazy Daze brand RVs, and then there are SOBs (Some Other Brand, of course!). Proceed with this in mind, and feel free to write me lots of comments to the contrary, about how YOUR brand is the best! 🙂

We had a wild and crazy Saturday night out, and all we had to do was pop around the corner to the Ohio Expo Center for all the RVs we could handle! I had no idea what to expect, but I did think that there would be a lot of variety, and lots of RV ephemera, not just the rigs themselves.

It was 2 huge buildings with massive setups by about 10 different dealers. Most were a labyrinths of RVs, row after row of the beasts. I started to realize that most dealers only handle a couple brands, and they just have every single configuration on hand, which makes it seem like they have a huge inventory. Most of them led you first past their behemoths, class A’s that have everything you could *never* need! One had 2 full bathrooms, a full size washer and a dryer, a dishwasher, a fireplace, and flat screen TVs on every place you could stick one. Oh, and about 5 slides! Overweight, much?!

I was disappointed with the similarities in design. Everyone had an outdoor kitchen with a mini-fridge, a sink and a grille. The layouts and decor were roughly the same, and most had the disconcerting feel of cheapness: interior doors seemed to be made of cardboard, and nothing seemed well put-together.

I was interested to see just how very big fifth wheels can be, and I liked looking at how most toy haulers can convert the garage area into sleeping lofts. I always like the baby-babies, tiny pop-ups that have mini everything–they look like some sort of Japanese take on a living space.

There was only one dealer with something interesting: a Leisure Travel Van. http://www.leisurevans.com/ It was creative in its use of space, sleek and elegant. I can’t believe how much storage space was in this tiny space! My favorite part was an accordion screen door that can go across the sliding van door, to create an enormous window. It was the absolute antithesis to the sterile, ugly rigs everywhere else. It just might be what I’d choose if I didn’t already have my Lazy Daze.

For dessert, we wandered through the boats and I had a snicker at a video of sexy, sporty….pontoon boats? A salesman sidled over and informed me that “these are not your grandfather’s pontoon boats!”. All in all, we had a fabulous time, and I will definitely go next year!


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