The Great Christmas RV Adventure

Step 1 of Operation RV pickup was just the challenge of how to get down to Orlando, FL, with all the gear and food we would need. Luckily, my wonderful sister works for a car rental agency, and was able to hook us up for cheap with a pimped out…mini-van! (She swore I would want to own one after driving it. I am still waiting for this sensation to occur.)

Dark and early on Christmas morning, me, my Dad–Ray, and my partner–Nat, headed out. Like the Starship Enterprise outrunning enemy fire, we stayed just ahead of a mighty snowstorm vomiting all over the midwest. After a good night’s sleep in Orangeburg, SC, we were off again.

We reached sunny and warm Orlando that afternoon, and met up with the sellers. The couple was hosting family for the holidays, and the matriarch of the family set up camp in the driveway, with a snack and a cuppa, to enjoy us as the entertainment. While my Dad struggled with a rack thingy on the back hitch, Nat and I did a whirlwind clean, and then starting throwing everything from the rental van into the RV. The sellers were kind and generous, offering us their snazzy memory foam mattress toppers and sleep sacks. We parted with hugs, and set off to return the van.

Actually, what we did next was sit in traffic for the next 2 hours, just to go about 4 blocks. Word to the wise: if you love your life, avoid Orlando the day after Christmas, for the delays will make you want to kill yourself just for the relief.

Finally rolling (and fueled primarily by my Dad’s cursing), we headed towards St. Augustine to spend a well-earned day of rest.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment, wherein our heroine learns to drive the 27-foot beast!


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