Too busy creating intentional space to blog about it!

After a long day of brainstorming about my future, I knew which idea made me the most excited and seemed to hold the most promise: paring down our things and living and working mobilely in an RV. Ah, that first decision was so very easy, but its implementation has consumed me, and mostly in positive ways.

Based on the advice that few decisions in life really require a ton of deliberation, I knew I wanted the same type of RV that my Dad has. It’s a dependable, rugged brand and I would have someone to show me all the ropes with it. Just for funsies, I started a Jaxed search for any and all Lazy Daze for sale in the US. Most were definitely not what I wanted (1968 model? no thanks!) but I was surprised to see just what I wanted a few weeks later, for a great price, and in my own time zone, to boot!

I thought I would be really funny, and call up my Dad, and tell him that I found the one I wanted. Turns out, he had seen it too and thought it looked great. “Just one big issue here–I don’t have the money yet.” Not a problem, he said, he would be willing to loan me the money. And at what interest rate? Zero. Which is how I’ve come to be the new Mom to a beautiful, 2002 27-foot mid-bath Lazy Daze. That we had to get back from Florida. Through the Appalachians. In between blizzards. Adventure stories forthcoming!


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