Society would prefer you choose neither, thank you

I find it very interesting how folks react to my plans to start living life…..well, just differently than they are.  There’s two competing ideas on conformity: “Why can’t you just be like everyone else?” and “If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you?.

In other words, if we’re talking about something that they think I SHOULD be doing, then why can’t I just conform to the way that the rest of the world is doing it?!  But, if it’s something that they think I SHOULD NOT be doing, then for heaven’s sake, that’s just a terrible idea.

And honestly, both of these responses are just easy ways of saying “your idea scares me.”  It’s so much easier for someone to disagree with you by inferring that YOU are the crazy one, rather than admit that idea might have merit, but exposes someone to facing fear to implement it.

Really, how many people simply aren’t doing things because they’re scared?  What is it that you really want in your life, and what is the worst possible outcome of trying it out?  So far, even my most outlandish ideas seem to be a 3 or 4, with instant death being a 10.  Hell, 3 or 4 is the level of a rough day at work some days.  Am I willing to not try new things if THAT’S the worst it’s going to get!?

At this point, I’m willing to face those nebulous fears in the interest of seeing what comes out of them.  Other folks, not so much, but this my my merry-go-round, and I want to stay on.


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