Kicking and screaming

In so very many ways, I wish I wasn’t doing this right now.  I was sliding along, comfortably numb, largely unaware of my own unhappiness.  It didn’t feel horrible, per se, but it definitely didn’t feel all that good, either.
We all have our “choose the red pill or choose the blue pill” moments, the one where you can pinpoint that everything has changed and you realise that you just can’t go back to the way things were.  Some are big and mind-blowing, and some are just a breath of new air.  What was mine?  A movie.  Go watch the documentary “I’m Fine, Thanks”, and let me know if you can stand to keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing.
The premise of this documentary is that so many people lead lives where, if you ask them how they are, would reply “Fine, thanks”.  Ideally, we would shout “I’m f*cking great, how are you!?”.  We’re doing what we’re supposed to do, living the American dream, following expectations…and completely miserable.
I knew as soon as it was over that I had to make changes, I had to try something new, I had to construct a life made up of intentional space.  There’s so much in the works, and this is my story of the journey.


One thought on “Kicking and screaming

  1. This is awesome!!! I had to go to the beginning and start. You didn’t tell me about this documentary! Is it at the library??? Kinda reminds me of me getting out of corporate America….

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